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Archie's Skin Colour

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choux | 01:23 Wed 31st Mar 2021 | News
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Could this Royal be the one whom Harry (mis)quoted?



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Still don't understand the nit-picking or how it is relevant to the topic.
09:49 Wed 31st Mar 2021
five minutes of her droning on put me off..
Choice, that video is 40 minutes long. Any chance of telling us who she’s talking about?
Ps. She isn’t ‘royal’.
omg ,who is it ?listened to her waffling on but couldn't stand it any longer ,i listened for 10 mins .
Daughter of a Jamaican department store owner. I don't think that's the usual qualification for being designated "royal".
Mally, she’s lady Colin Campbell , she’s rude and outspoken

// Campbell was raised as a boy called George. The ‘Lady Colin Campbell’ thing might suddenly make sense now, but just to clear that up, borrowing the name of the posh man you’re married to, like Princess Michael of Kent, is a thing that posh/aspiring posh women do. It’s nothing to do with their gender identity.
But what’s different about Lady Colin is she was born intersex and was raised as a boy until she was 21.//

She likes to shock
i remember her i'm a celebrity ,she was horrible to the other celebs couldn't take to her at all
i meant who is she talking about ^^^^6
She appears to carry an enormous chip on her shoulder
So we're none the wiser, then. Sigh!
Its not a thing they "do" its a title they are entitled to, just as I am entitled to be called "mrs Woofgang" I may choose not to use the title but its mine to use if I wish.
shoo shoo
je comprends... did I really spot someone doesnt know ( a good French speaker they own) doesnt know their choix from their Choux ? Ma foi!

shwa and shoo - choice an leedol cabbage. Yeah right, eh bien
this is the leddy who wondered what colour the royal kiddie would be
or not

Lady Colin Campbell is a royal watcher and you know gets money from saying things about the royals to American television

which is where the money is they say

tell me what and when is the good bit?
how is this "news"? surely it's more like olds?
// So we're none the wiser, then. Sigh!//

no - no - we sat at the back of the class and whispered and then at the end of the lesson rejoiced that they had learnt that little bit less than any other boy - with: So we're none the wiser, then. Sigh!
shoo shoo
choux, vous aves jetes de grandes marguerites aux porcs d'AB !

ha - Jackie - time for - its all Greek to me!
Choux, just tell us who she named and what she claims s/he said.
This is all a bit tiresome to be honest.
She has no right to call herself Lady Colin - that form of address is for married women, not divorcees.
She wasn't really born intersex, her exterior genitalia were fused. She was born with ovaries and a womb, developed as a woman without hormones. She didn't have male genetalia. She has successfully publications that claimed she had a sex change.

I can't stand the woman.
Her title as a divorcée should be (first name), Lady Campbell.
//She has no right to call herself Lady Colin - that form of address is for married women, not divorcees. //

She is married.

I don't understand why everyone is pulling her to pieces. The thread is about what she said - not the rights, wrongs or otherwise of her personal life.

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Archie's Skin Colour

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