Why Is Furlough Being Extended To The End Of September?

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dave50 | 21:05 Wed 03rd Mar 2021 | News
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I thought the vaccine is leading us back to normality by June?


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I thought that too Dave , I think they know something we don't
Because younger people are not being vaccinated yet and it might take a long time, then we have to wait for the second jab.
It will take time for society and the economy to get back into full speed again - a bit like starting a supertanker, it has to work it's way up to its cruising speed, and that takes some miles first.
Some businesses are not going to open until June. From July the employers are going to have to contribute 10% and 20% from August.
I think it's foolish to think we're going to be normal any time soon. We are all impatient, but it's not like a door being open and suddenly we are free.
It is free money.
Companies and workers are being paid for doing nothing and it’s a win-win situation. Except for us tax payers of course.

As soon as the furlough payments stop there will be a record number of companies going out of business, and a large increase in the number of unemployed. The Government are prepared to prop up the corpse of our economy to delay that.
I wwondered that too dave. Same as I wondered why, in Sept/Oct last year he said the furlought scheme was being extended to April when talk was about no more lockdowns after January, I think. We found out about that didn't we?
You are assume that government strategy for cov is logical and rational, whereas it's chaotic and driven by emotion. Maybe they reckon it needs 3 months of normality before one can withdraw special support.
Sounds a fair enough to me to keep it till September. Its not compulsry for firms to use it, its an option if there not able to get everyone back in work straight away. Some business's are going to need to Autumn to get back on there feet
Initially it was a good idea but unfortunately a here today, gone tomorrow politician has realised that he can splash imaginary cash for as long as he likes, be elevated to the House of Lords and let the plebs pay it all back over decades to come.

Maybe rebrand it as Dish Out To Help Out after the success of the dining wheeze.
The aim is to have all people over 18 vaccinated by the end of July why furlough should carry on beyond then i don't know...
perhaps its to help those who's business will take some time to get going again. I applaud him for helping those people who need support for however long it takes.
//so why furlough should carry on beyond then i don't know//
Because there is a three month wait for the second jab.
Cheer up, dave....

Not long now.
If you listened to the Budget speech, or read the transcript the answer is there.

Sometimes you have to move your ass beyond just looking at pictures in the Daily Mail.
Because sometimes it's not a choice.

I thought you claimed to be intelligent but you seem a bit hard of thinking, TTT
Wrong thread :-)

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Why Is Furlough Being Extended To The End Of September?

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