Why Should Those That Have Forsaken Their Country Get To Vote In Its Elections?

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ToraToraTora | 00:13 Thu 04th Mar 2021 | News
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More to the point why would they want to?


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I guess to understand they why, you need to read what those who want the right have to say.

Harry has been most vocal about it for years.

This from 10 years ago.

I can't put myself in their position, so I won't even try to explain it.
I don't think moving abroad constitutes 'forsaking' your country. But, no, they shouldn't have the vote.
///This follows a long campaign by Harry Shindler, an expat WWII veteran who moved to Italy around 40 years ago.///

can't see why he shouldn't. People don't stop being British because they live abroad for whatever reason (family, work maybe).
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surely if you don't even want to live in your country you should not have a say in its governance.
Depends on the reason they left.
///Harry Shindler has worked thirty years and more for Anglo-Italian relations, for the rights of British ex-pats in Italy, for the Italy Star Association, and perhaps most importantly of all in keeping the memory alive of the British servicemen who fought and died to liberate Italy in World War II. His work includes talks in schools and universities, to educate young students and raise the awareness of young people on why the war was fought. He has worked tirelessly in helping to find the graves of British servicemen killed or listed as missing in action during the Second World War///

hardly forsaking his country. He fought for his country, and refused to take up Italian citizenship because he wanted to stay British.
Seems to me that if, say, you were an Italian who moved to the UK it would be great if you participated in our society and democracy. Can't really see why he or she should vote in Italian elections.
I can feel a clap coming on.
And whose side was Italy on for most of the war?
One may wish to live elsewhere, for health or other reasons, but may still feel part of one's country of origin and wish to be involved in doing the best for it. Indeed it's improvement may even be a factor in deciding to return.
Italians living abroad can vote in Italian elections.
Those who can afford to up sticks and move abroad on a permanent basis are, perhaps, more likely to be in the 'Blue corner'. Doubt very much that were the opposite true, Boris and Co would not even dream of such a plan.
The change will be because they think the people falling into this category are more likely to vote Tory.

My inlaws are Italians that came here in the 1950s and voted in every Italian election since then. It's silly really. They shouldn't have been able to.
I was thinking very much along the same lines, Ken.
I truly believe that if i'd upped sticks and moved permanently to another country, voting in England's elections would be furthest on my mind.
We came to England for work and my family have worked very hard. Does that mean they can't love their homeland and still have a deep respect for the country that provided them with a living?

Your nationality doesn't change when you leave your country and it doesn't mean you don't love your country.

Stop telling people they can't have an interest in their land of birth!
My son landed himself a brilliant job, and it has taken him overseas. I don't know how long he will stay there, but it might be quite a few years.
He hasn't forsaken this country.
Absolutely, Hopkins, my daughter went to Oz for 2 years, they gave her another 4 years works visa when the 2 years were up. She came home and moved back to Ireland. She missed it.
Typical Rule Brittannia post from TTT.
Those dastardly anti British at it again, how dare they?
I still love the planet Zod!

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Why Should Those That Have Forsaken Their Country Get To Vote In Its Elections?

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