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A Statement From No10..............

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10ClarionSt | 11:10 Fri 12th Feb 2021 | News
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...and bearing mind Spare Eds OP earlier in the week, I hope this is in the right category.

Understand this: I am not a Covid denyer: I don't believe in Covid Conspiracy: I have never said anything detremental about the NHS or the staff and I have certainly never attempted to trivialise the death of anyone during this pandemic. Because I don't believe lots of things about this from the govt, doesn't warrant sanctimonious, self-righteous people spouting innaccuracies about me and being vindictive towards me.

Boris Johnsons' apology was a publicity stunt to hide his bungling of this crisis, but he was correct with one thing; the deaths of all those people from Covid-19 were his fault, not because he should have acted sooner, but because he acted wrongly.
Instead of closing businesses, keeping people off work and closing schools, the govt should have allowed everyone to carry on but with the guidelines that ensued anyway. Lockdowns haven't worked. Masks haven't worked. How can anyone look at the figures and say they have worked? During the first lockdown, masks weren't compulsory and the death rate dropped to near single figures, at a time when there was a mini heat wave and people would be out and about more than at present.

The money wasted on business covid grants, laying people off and large numbers of laptops for schools, should have gone straight into the NHS to provide the best of the best, instead of relying on people like Capt Tom and lots of other admirable people to raise money.

On the BBC 6 O'Clock News last Thursday Feb 4th (can't find a link), there was a report about a special Covid Fraud police unit that is actively hunting down fraudulent business grants. The govt has made £40bn available for this, of which half has been fraudulently claimed. £20bn, people. 20bn. The cameras were present at one raid but the reporter showed how easy it is to get the money with the help of on-line fraudsters and the lack of any checks when granting the money.

If this govt had taken the right and proper action from the outset, that money, and more besides, should have gone to the NHS and there would not have been as many deaths. I am allowed to say that, just as much as you are allowed to say there would have been more deaths. But the only things the govt has done are telling everyone to keep away from each other, wash you hands and face and wear a mask. To protect the NHS. Not you. The main reason for protecting the NHS is that it's going to be sold off or contracted out.

Hands, face space. Well, it now transpires that there has been a large increase in skin complaints like eczema and dermatitis due to excess use of sanitizers. This whole thing begats other things. But there is still an air of "The Emperors' New Clothes" about this whole thing.

Is the vaccine working? Is SD working? Masks? Sanitizers? I say no. The figures are wrong anyway because the daily figure starts with: "From any cause". That in itself is an insult to those who have not died from Covid because they are being used to prolong this lockdown.

What about this? The pandemic will recede, only when the virus has killed the weakest and most vulnerable people. It has already done that, according to the figures, but based on the way they are presented, I would say the death figure is only half of what they say. Some people want to believe everything they are being told because the govt and "the science" has frightened everyone to death.

SKS said in a recent PPB that he would be asking searching questions of this govt, but so far in the pandemic, he has asked the wrong questions and let the govt off lightly instead of looking for a way to deal with this which wouldn't damage the country to the extent that it has. Thank you for getting this far! I rest my case.
And I commend it to the house! :o)


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Fake news, well this from the States - USA Today


After Americans started receiving vaccinations against COVID-19, social media users shared a viral image claiming that CNN reported hospitals going on lockdown after vaccine recipients started eating each other.
Question Author
Thanks for the replies folks. I haven't said anything that isn't true. And you all know it. And I must have dreamt the news item on the BBC about fraudulent claims for covid business grants, just because I can't find a link to it, although I did watch it. Has anyone tried to find a link for it? No? Thought not. And of course the usual bull from the Frank Doberman of AB, ie TTT. There aint nuttin' fake in what I've posted.
Have a nice day y'all! Thanks again for the replies.
Crikey, that was a rant, even for you 10cs!
Why did Carrie neuter Dylan the dog and not BORIS

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