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Hope you've stocked up on incontinence pants, TTT. You know it doesn't take a great deal to have you PYSL :-))
Don't think that this war wil be very civil.
let's see if it encourages them to expel this odious individual...
I know this is oldish news but the poor lad isn't having a great October is he? What next? Dutch warships in the Thames?
//let's see if it encourages them to expel this odious individual...//

Expel him from where? It doesn't state he is a Labour Party member, and if he was, you'd imagine someone raciallly abusing Labour MPs wouldn't be for long.
//"Under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, antisemites were removed from the Labour Party more quickly, transparently and effectively than ever before," she wrote in The Guardian.

"As his former chief of staff, I'm proud of that record."//

That kind of goes against the general opinion of Tory ABers here. I'm sure they'll call it out as false though. Probably lying to look good, eh Tora?
that statement by Karie Murphy sounds more like a Trump soundbite -

"no chief of staff does removing anti-semites better than me".....
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I know jezza did make some attempt to address this but it was all a bit half arised. The problem is that he was acting to preserve his position as a party leader attempting to become electable rather than any sincere attempt to sort the problem. He is a well known anti Semite himself, loyal to Hamas and Hezbollah. He was only ever going to pay lip service to what he would, privately, probably not see as a problem.
lol mushroom.
@10.11&10.15.Is this Karie Murphy Corbyns mum?

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Labour Civil War On The Way......

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