More Peace In The Middle East.

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webbo3 | 18:55 Fri 23rd Oct 2020 | News
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Another peace deal brokered by Mr Trump.
\\Following a phone call with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Trump on Friday, Sudanese PM Abdalla Hamdok and head of the Sovereignty Council Abdel Fattah al-Burhan announced they would “end the state of belligerence” with Israel and start the process of normalizing relations.//
\\Shortly after Mr Trump formally moved to remove Sudan from the US list of state sponsors of terrorism, reporters in Washington were taken to the Oval Office where the president was on the phone to the Sudanese and Israeli leaders.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the agreement was a "dramatic breakthrough for peace" and the start of a "new era".

He said Israeli and Sudanese delegations would meet to discuss commercial and agricultural co-operation.//


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If Donald trump brought about world peace and found a cure for cancer the usual suspects would still have a visceral hatred for him, he could never win.
09:59 Sat 24th Oct 2020
Well you know how it goes. One day it's peace on, the next, peace off.
you are talking about Sudan
capital Khartoum

where Gordon came from? well OK went off to

last state vizeet between them - Solomon and Queen of Sheba ? 800 BC or thereabouts
Ahh.. so much for the infamous three “noes” of Khartoum — no peace, no recognition, and no negotiation — that Arab states adopted in 1967, after Israel’s victory in the Six Day War that year. A little bit of the Red Sea just became safer, right opposite from Saudi Arabia too. Handy for surveillance when the "agricultural" aid personnel arrive. Nobel Peace Prize or Trump, or will he have to wait for 4 years until he isn't P O T U S?

//From August 29 to September 1, 1967, eight Arab heads of state attended a summit conference in Khartoum where they formulated the consensus that underlines the policies of most Arab states in conflict with Israel. Among other issues, the resolution called for the continued struggle against Israel. By adopting the dictum of no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel and no negotiations with Israel (The 3 Noes), the Arab states appeared to slam the door on any possible progress towards peace.//

Meanwhile in one of the regular temper tantrums, upon hearing the news, Hamas fired rockets into the Gaza strip before dawn this morning. Apparently infuriated that someone else may get a share of the extortion money that they have got used to levering out of the Israelis in exchange for peace. Another stopping off call of port for the import of weapons closed down after they blew their own sky high.
Jezza wont be happy!
How long is this 'Peace' going to last?
//Another peace deal brokered by Mr Trump. //

Oops! Can't have that, can we.
If Donald trump brought about world peace and found a cure for cancer the usual suspects would still have a visceral hatred for him, he could never win.
Exactly dave.
A lot of this has to do with the estrangement of Iran and Sudan since 2015.
Whether this is peace or geopolitics by a grubby regime remains to be seen
I'd have been more inclined to praise Trump personally for this if it weren't so clear he was so interested in getting that praise. There's something distasteful about trying to celebrate the achievement by asking a foreign leader if he thought "Sleepy Joe" could have made the same deal. Netanyahu wisely kept his mouth shut, but Trump should clearly not have asked the question.

Yes, the Treaty is more important for its own sake, but I think people can be forgiven for thinking that Trump's more concerned about how it reflects on him than how it shapes the world.

And the other point is that Treaties of this nature require more than just one person to get involved, so it's inappropriate to credit just one person anyway.
Oh, yes -- the final point I'd like to make for the time being is that it's also stupid argue that "If Donald trump brought about world peace and found a cure for cancer the usual suspects would still have a visceral hatred for him," for two reasons:

1. This isn't world peace.
2. Trump won't discover a cure for cancer.
3. What do you think happened when Obama announced Treaties with Iran and Cuba? The "usual suspects" among his opponents viscerally condemned him for reaching those treaties, and spent the next few years trying to undermine it. Given that the JCPOA had the potential to take far greater steps towards world peace, this attempt to defend Trump from criticism smacks of hypocrisy.

Why I put "two reasons" when I wrote three reasons is anybody's guess. Ah, well.
You were thinking of the Spanish Inquisition :-)
Its three, no four, main reasons ...
wonder who's pockets the democrats are in, all i see is pro blm riots al,let alone the murders, fires chaos..some may not like trump, under him law and order prevail, look at the demo states
no doing well, peace love d))e power to the people..
If peace in the middle east is as easy as Trump making a phone call, why has POTUS sat on his butt for 4 years playing at Twitter ?

The riots, protests, murders, fires and chaos are all happening during the Trump Presidency. Trump holds all the power, so if the US has descended into chaos, then there is only one man to blame.
Sunk, I don’t think Trump did too badly when Kim was rattling his sabre in North Korea - and in fairness, the US does have rather a history of civil unrest so to blame it all on the past four years is a bit short-sighted. Have a look.

The Best Answer is spot on - and highly appropriate.
Making peace between countries that have never been at war is quite an achievement. Trump might feel miffed that he didn't get a Nobel Prize for that.
In fairness Sudan was at least technically at war with Israel in 1967, but this doesn’t even feel like a Munich moment even so :-)
Bahrain, UAE and Sudan have something else in common as well as their new found love of Israel. They all oppose Iran. The two former declared their peace shortly after Trump lifted an arms embargo on them, and sold them the latest attack aircraft.
So Trump’s objective is not peace in the middle east (which he could have done 4 years ago), but rather building a anti Iran coalition.

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