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"That 1 in 4000 will soon be a percentage of the past in the coming weeks." I totally agree - I reckon 1 in 5000 in a couple of weeks. "NJ - I've thought it through enough and I'm happy with those thoughts, thank you!" Why do you get so touchy? You do understand this is an anonymous interweb site don't you? Why would you care what another poster says? There's a few on...
18:06 Sat 18th Jul 2020
These will be the same "English councils" empowered to lockdown by the Honey Monster.

Stalin would be honoured.
DD"The indirect costs are nebulous and unquantifiable; for example the costs of people taking smoking breaks, or the costs to clean up after smokers...even though street cleaners would be cleaning anyway.
So, as I say, happy to be proved wrong, but I doubt I will be. " - not in your eyes because you just ignore the figures. Just one example 5% of fires are caused by smoking but hey ho no point in me trying to convince you if you have already covered your ears.
DD 18:44 no need, those figures are well known, I'm talking about the vast indirect costs that smokers ignore.
Nice try Tora, but ultimately a fail - you're plucking figures out of the air.

You said the figures in the article I linked to are well known, so where did you get £25bn from? I can't find anything that suggests anything like that number.

This report suggests there's a net benefit of almost £15bn.
looks like you will be able to smoke outside bars and cafes after all.
i'm not a smoker but im glad this ban will not happen ,too many regulations controlling us for good and bad, a nanny state..

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Smoking Outside Pubs, Cafes Etc.

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