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RIP Jessica, a truly cowardly crime.
A telling bit from the article:

Weapons were pulled by both sides during their initial dispute.
AZardoz, I was going to mention that. It looks like there may be more to it than meets the eye.

Still, it shouldn't take away from a tragic, needless, cowardly murder.
True, Mozz, but unfortunately almost an everyday event in some of these communities. It's not about colour.
Probably more about economics, schooling, parenting, or lack thereof for several generations.
They all have guns though.
Unfortunately AZardoz, people will always make it about race. This poor girl will become a martyr for those who are against equality.
// WND - WorldNetDaily is an American news and opinion website and online news aggregator which has been described as "fringe" and far right as well as politically conservative. The website is known for promoting falsehoods and conspiracy theories. //
Martyr? Unlikely. Most of the mainstream media are catering to the "movement" so there will probably be little coverage of this incident. Then again, social media can whip anything into a frenzy.
I won't get into the fake news debate.
She was killed. Got it ?

Equality ? Always a fun item, but not on the agenda.
It's totally self-serving on both sides. Just more, "Look at me !"
Too much tech, enabling too many fools, to dispense too much c * * p (will that pass?), to too many other fools.
Mozz71 @ 01:38
*** This poor girl will become a martyr for those who are against equality.***

What absolute tripe. What a typical thing for someone who doesn’t understand why people are railing against a terrorist style organisation hell bent on Marxism. On a movement having a hissy fit burning down cities.

What absolute tripe to say those that regard all lives, blue lives and any lives matter are against equality. What utter utter tripe. That statement of yours is one reason there is such division.

But it’s typical to say if you don’t agree with what I say you are going to be tarred with any negative brush I can find.
Unfortunately Mozz it is people like you who are creating division, comments like that are what stirs up the hatred.

BLM are a far left MArxist organisation, who care only for the Black lives that support them in their ultimate aim of a Marxist world with only one view - theirs.

I am really not sure why you can't see that, it is written in plain sight ontheir web site.
-- answer removed --
I share some concerns, YMB, about the whole BLM issue but you are confusing (a) one particular body that uses the concept of BLM to further a Marxist agenda with (b) a wider philosophy that black lives should matter more than they currently do.
mozz: "This poor girl will become a martyr for those who are against equality. " We already have equality, all out laws apply to everyone, I assume you refer to the BLM movement, they are the ones demanding different treatment.
This poor girl is surely more likely to be held up as a martyr by those who believe in equality, rather than the racists who believe it's their group that matters. Seems some, when their arguments have failed, decide other's lives don't matter to them.
I won't get into the fake news debate.
She was killed. Got it ?

Well said.
I was 100% certain if he saw the thread, Gromit would dismiss the death of this girl because of who was promoting the story. It's a strange position to take but not surprising.
I haven’t dismissed the death of the girl.
Reported in plenty of media channels:

It was one of three murders in the same area that night. In this case, both sides had guns and both sides fired guns. It just seems like a very nasty area. There's absolutely no evidence that this is "the real face of blm supporters", only that one side said "Black lives matter" in response to the other side using the n-word ... all round, not a nice place to be or bunch of people to be around, that's all.

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