Boris Announces 2M Rule Down To 1M

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MargoTester | 12:47 Tue 23rd Jun 2020 | News
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Oh happy days.

I am sure there will be a spike in Covid 19 infections, but I would like to think that rather than the R number, the number of hospital admissions or deaths, will be the factors that determine, any restrictions, that might be re-imposed.
Hangover booked for 5th July.
He's said one metre plus...what the heck does that mean?
It means 1m minimum
It means one metre minimum.
One meter or over
At least one metre apart.
Tilly, I think he means if 2m is still possible, then stick with that?
All cobblers tho ain't it?
Considering many people stopped distancing ages ago.
ZM, why is it cobblers?
I agree mwith ZM.

Distancing went out the window weeks ago. Anyone with a brain, and is able to judge themselves safe, has been to see mums/dads/grandparents etc.

Boris just needs to dump all this rubbish from so called 'experts' and just go for it. Those who dont want to fine, you wont be forced just order a larger sofa from DFS.
ymb//Distancing went out the window weeks ago//
Not for anyone with an ounce of sense.
tilly; "He's said one metre plus...what the heck does that mean? " - seems clear enough tilly what part of "one metre plus" is confusing you?
they are saying 2m if at all possible but at least 1m. Now as for the whole thing being cobras, well I think SD is sensible if people are doing it but as we have seen many are ignoring it anyway so on that basis it is cobras.
"Not for anyone with an ounce of sense."

I beg to differ. If you are young, fit and healthy there is a minimal risk to you and now the NHS is not under any threat. Not that it ever was.

So my take is hide if you want but if you judge something to be ok then go for it. You can stay isolated if you consider you are at risk but dont trash other peoples lives who have a future to think of when you are at the end of your.
I'm not really confused. I know exactly what he means. Why didn't he just say, 'One meter or more'. Does 'plus' sound more carefully, mathematically, logically worked out?

I'm just being prickly. I think it's the heat.
well plus is more concise tilly, if he'd have said "or more" you'd have accused him of waffling!
...and don't be so condescending, TTT. It doesn't suit me.
Matters little. Until the pubs cease to be obliged to collect data on me, I'll stick with supermarket ale in the back garden.

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Boris Announces 2M Rule Down To 1M

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