"I Will Heal America" (Trump)

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Peter Pedant | 07:57 Mon 01st Jun 2020 | News
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Yeah OK no wonder you clicked on "read"
He didnt of course - (Trimp) - nowhere near
but nonetheless America Burns ( well 80 bits of it) and there is no visible thread

what does Answerbank think of the civll unrest ?
( no not the kneeling on someones neck - we are all agree that may end in death)


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no - OK he really said
I will shoot AMerica ( well the bits I dont like)
but does that mean he will shoot the voters who would otherwise vote for him?

[ am I allowed to advocate violence on AB?]
//"I Will Heal America" (Trump)//

Oh good. When is he resigning?
-- answer removed --
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well thank you allen of london !
many are called on but few press the send button (modified from the original of 2000 y ago)

I think the burning down of the Church of he Presidents was a political act ( probably treason as it is in the Federal designated area )
but the Black mayors seems overwrought that the political process has turned violent .....
Question Author
erm Allen of Lundy - now departed
may have been right ....

read only to be obliterated - 30 mins and only a succinct and yet on-target comment by Mozz

The Beeb used the words 'hunkered down' which I thought was - - - inflammatory. The most powerful man on earth would not like to have it known he was ushered away into a place of safety

his words are much more of the Alamo,and shoot 'em between the eyes!
"Fear and the uses of fear to control a population"

A simmering pot of resentment from civil rights, a political opportunity from deeply resentful democrats, an excuse to rock the system by the riot and run brigade.
A legitimate disgust at appalling police inadequacy and racism. The have not’s resent the have’s. The heavy hand of authority and the man, during lockdown.
Add heat, cook for a day and your anarchy Is served.
On Friday the great Trump leader was rushed to hide in a bunker.
Boris hides in a fridge .
World leaders?
I`d be interested to see two comparative figures from the US. How many police officers have been killed in the last year and how many black people have been killed by other black people in the last year. I am not supporting the actions of that office and possibly his colleagues in any way.
why would those figures be interesting? I fail to see the relevance.
Hello Peter. Yes, I had a suspicion that my comments about knuckle-trailing and spittle-dribbling might prove too strong, but there you are, at least you read it.

Allen thought his comments so impressive he repeated them. :o/
Naomi drawls: "Allen thought his comments so impressive he repeated them."

No I didn't (think they were impressive). I just believe in free-ish speech, and find the nanny-state (of which you are clearly a supporter) a bit of a pain in the neck.

(Sorry to reduce your thoughtful question to the usual bearpit, Peter, but it was headed that way eventually...)

Allen, I don't drawl, and neither am I a supporter of the Nanny State. I do, however, conduct discussions without resorting to the puerile, insulting language you appear to be incapable of avoiding.
"Treat others as you would like to be treated and respect other people’s opinions. Discussions can get passionate but users should moderate their language and refrain from personal attacks and profanity. We encourage lively debate but name calling, harassment or abuse will not be tolerated."
//I do, however, conduct discussions without resorting to the puerile, insulting language..//

Mostly Naomi. Sometimes we all have to respond to Gulliddly.
I totally understand the need to protest but destruction, setting fire to property and looting is disgusting behaviour. I don't think Trump has helped matters either with the way he has responded.
Question Author
er can we have some comments about Trump
and his support of free speech perhaps

Barry glad to see you back and contributing - your post - first ephemeral and vanished was strangely prophetic
"how long will I last?" - me? relapsed leuk in remission - the answer is not long - but we must make the best of it

and meanwhile - in America - most violent since the death of M L king. Few men kissing each other - signs of peace just in case
-- answer removed --

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"I Will Heal America" (Trump)

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