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Will People Go To The Shops?

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cassa333 | 11:50 Tue 26th May 2020 | News
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BBC article thinks people won’t go shopping after lockdown.

If the supermarkets, Wilco, Poundland and the DIY stores are anything to go by they will be chomping at the bit to get out and shop. At my local Morrison’s it has been getting steadily busier every day and at times it is almost as busy as before lockdown.

I think any downturn in shoppers in the first few weeks will be because a lot of people will be reluctant to spend (just in case they get made redundant or laid off etc) as opposed to over reluctance on going out in general.


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I’m getting used to having a gofer:)
I went to a garden centre recently. I was looking forward to it but got so fed up of people going against the arrows, blocking passageways with trollies, people with masks thinking they didn't need to social distance, that I left early and won't go back for a while. I certainly won't bother looking in clothes shops and will avoid trains and busy pavements
Its going to be mad. Sales will attract hoards so I for one am keeping away!
I’m not sure how many shops will be left to open, but no doubt those who like shopping will go. For me, while social distancing, limited access, and one way systems operate, I’ll go as little as possible. It will be good to see the high streets coming back to life though.
One of my daughters cant wait to get back to the shops.
I'm looking forward to clothes shopping again.
Will there actually be 'sales'? Or will the prices rise a tad in order to recoup some of the losses caused by the shutdown?
I would imagine Sales to get rid of old stock then cannot keep and then price rises, especially once the competition is reduced due to bankruptcy/liquidation.
I need to go furniture shopping & I also need new trainers. So I will be going.
Watching Channel 4 news earlier this evening and they were covering the re-opening of shops. A few things became apparent; large stores will have no trouble at all with social distancing and one way systems, but the smaller shops will, and will therefore have their customers queueing outside. Many towns (and cities, no doubt) will have such shops close together and all will have queues outside their premises and beyond. With the distinct possibility of 3 or more shops in immediate proximity, how will each shop ensure social distancing?
Most people, when buying certain items of clothing will ant to try said items on. If they then do not purchase the item, does it go back on the peg? Or does the proprietor promise to have the item cleaned before it goes back on sale?
Will be interesting to discover how the re-opening is organised.
No trying clothes on. No sitting/lying down on beds or chairs. One shop is allowing shoes to be tried on by a prospective buyer but if not sold will be quarantined for 24hrs before coming back up for sale. I am in no hurry to shop under those circumstances.
Necessary or not, lockdown chickens are coming home to roost.
Not going to be many beds or chairs sold, then, is there. And if I wasn't allowed to try a pair of trousers on, I wouldn't be buying them either. So packs of socks and boxers it is:-/
I bet Chums and Cotton Traders are doing very nicely, thank you ,at the moment.
The one shop I am desperate to visit is the hairdressers, but, can you imagine how long you would have to wait for an appointment?
I have done all of our shopping; Mr BM has barely left the house. He suggested 2 trips at the weekend. I refused because it's too stressful.
To be perfectly honest, apart from getting my hair cut I do 95% of my shopping online anyway so it won’t be that much different to me......
i do 99percent of shopping on line, and Cotton traders are doing very well out of me lately. shoes, sandals, polo shirts etc...

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Will People Go To The Shops?

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