Five Weeks Of Lies

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teacake44 | 21:39 Fri 17th Apr 2020 | News
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For five weeks now Matt Hancock has insisted that there wasn't a shortage of PPE, nearly every hospital and care home in the country was saying there was, he also insisted that it was a logistical problem only, and that was with 20 thousand army personal drivers ready to deliver. When the army joined us, we were told, this is what the army are brilliant at ( logistics ) ?

Today he says he wished he had a magic wand to produce PPE. When will Mr Hancock face up to the fact that the UK was oh so slow off the starting block, and the cost of that, was peoples lives, especially NHS lives. When will he start telling the truth, ( never).

They've also been telling us that we don't need to wear a face mask,(now their thinking about it), but waiting for the science to tell them. Common sense tells me that face masks can help stop the spread of the virus, if they didn't, then the rest of the world wouldn't be wearing them, or nurses wearing them in hospital or care homes, ( when they can get them) We all know about the top of the range mask that they need to wear in ITC, but the rest of the nurses are wearing bog standard face masks.

There are now UK manufactures pulling out all the stops to produce PPE, they say they have be ignored by Matt Hancock for weeks now, even after making it known to him that they could make what was required. How many more lives need to be lost before they supply the nation with face masks like every other country is doing.

I've changed my mind about Mr Hancock,( give someone a chance to get sorted,) he's had five weeks, and all we've had is five weeks of lies. Whatever advice he or the government give out, I for one will take with a pinch of salt, and do my own thing.


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teacake is definitely a gloom and doom merchant, as I have opined before, BUT I don't like Matt Hancock and don't think he's up to the job, so I agree with him here (for a change).
08:48 Sat 18th Apr 2020
Not at all, Gness. He’s a wikkle fwuffy bunny really. And I wuuuuuuv him.
// And US death rates are between half and a quarter of most European countries. Why would you want to shout about them? //

The death rate in NY is higher than most other cities in the world, so there is a reasonably argument it should have been locked down earlier.
Well when that time comes, professor, if it does, you can all use it as a stick to beat the Donald. Not before.
Is this a Zac love in ?
I’m only just coping in over 10 yrs away , I admit I used to be a bit scared of him but not anymore, either I’ve changed, he’s changed or we both have :0))))))

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