This Week's Stupid, Greedy Moron

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sp1814 | 12:52 Tue 24th Mar 2020 | News
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Last week it was Tim Martin:

This week, Mike Ashley has stepped in to take over:

What is causing this? Arrogance? Stupidity, or perhaps genuine concern for the livelihoods (if not, lives) of their staff?


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There should've been a question mark at the end of that!
Has Ashley not done a U-turn?
These people make money by flouting if not breaking the law. Most entrepreneurs think that rules are there to be broken.
Whilst these two are greedy ****'s

//Angry workers have sent a letter to company chiefs demanding full pay,//

Tell me how that will work.

My agency has suggested that supply teachers take jobs as couriers, carers etc and has offered to help find positions. This owner is giving good advice if people want a more reliable career as the uncertainty in hospitality could continue for many months. If they have no income but overheads then they can't afford to pay staff so have to lay them off- but they should look to the HMRC to see if they can use the 80% of wages scheme for furloughed staff
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I think the issue was that he said it in the first place. I doubt that many would agree that Sports Direct sells essential items.
Most hated man on both sides of the Tyne , he is

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This Week's Stupid, Greedy Moron

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