Travelling, Working And Medication

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catsrcool | 13:10 Tue 24th Mar 2020 | News
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My wife is a care worker in a nursing home.
While working she is staying in staff accommodation.
Her medication is going to run out in 2 weeks time.
Our house is about 125 miles from her workplace.
She is due to have a break after working > 24 days in a row so far.
Our GP surgery is here near home.
My question is should she drive home for a rest and get her medication. Or Stay where she is if possible?
If she does the latter how am I going to get her medication to her?
I am at a medium to high risk and have been self isolating anyway and under the current rules I would not be able to travel there anyway.
I have no car and can not use the phone because of hearing difficulties.
If I order her repeat prescription online the surgery will send the prescriptions to the local pharmacy as normal.
The only alternative I can think of at the moment is to write to the GP, deliver it by hand at the crack of sparrow fart, request they send the scripts to another pharmacy of our choice and collect it there.
Any thoughts or suggestions gratefully received.


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register for postal prescription delivery. Do it NOW
Question Author
woofgang that is an idea but is there any guarantee we are going to have a postal service?
Can you e-mail the issue to the surgery to ensure the prescription gets sent to a delivery service near to her workplace ?
There is usually a way to change the designated pharmacy on your online reorder page, you can do this temporarily or permanently.
The nursing home must have a local GP, could she not register with them temporarily?
A nursing home should have a GP on call, can she not talk to them and explain situation?
My first thought was . What The Funicular? She works 125 miles away from home!!!

But I suppose there is a reason for it.

Register with a local Dr. Or get a repeat prescription and post it to her PDQ before the posties stop work8ng.
catscool as I see it there are few guarantees about anything....but that would work now.
Question Author
Thank you for the answers.
My wife and colleagues have been given letters in case they are stopped whilst travelling that states they are key workers and are allowed to travel.
In answer to cassa333. The reason she is so far away is that our daughter lives in Surrey and the idea was that my wife could help baby sit granddaughter to cut down on childcare costs.
I was already looking for her to move to somewhere closer but of course that is all on hold for now.
Saving the good news for last she is finally coming home on the April 2nd after doing more than thirty 12 hour night shifts in a row.
Stay safe everyone.

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Travelling, Working And Medication

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