Are Hate Figures Orchestrated By The Media?

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Khandro | 00:00 Sun 01st Mar 2020 | News
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Would you join Hearts of Oak?


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no idea, who are they?
>>> who are they?

Tommy Robinson and friends:
oh ok Chris, in that case no.
I won't be joining, but to the idea that the media can build demons for people to latch onto I shall agree to a point, some read,believe and don't research any further than what they see initially.

It's far too much trouble for some to do their own homework.
This comes dangerously close to political spam I’d have thought.
"Hate figures" must have made an impression that singles them out for media attention. It's fair to ask for examples of claims, and for the media to try to report objectively and avoid gratuitous name calling, but I'm unconvinced that many are unfairly character assassinated. The reader does have to sort opinion from fact though.
Question Author
ichi //This comes dangerously close to political spam I’d have thought.//

What exactly do you mean by that & what does Benjamin say which is not true?
Well, it was Buenchico who provided the link I guess, but this is an old trick:
“You can’t argue with X therefore you should do
Y. A complete logical non sequitur. I’ve not troubled myself to listen to yet more ravings by the Akkad bloke, but I have looked at the Hearts of Oak site and it’s typical, selective far right propaganda.
‘The Media’ is a huge category. There are all kinds of media representing, encouraging, promoting all kinds of organisations who’s political bias matches theirs, so yes, one could argue that they orchestrate (not the word I’d have chosen) hate figures.

On your second point.....never in a million years. Political extremes are never a good thing.
Click bait and headlines are all that some people read so yes I do think the media plays a big part In demonising as well as evangelising some people.

Whether that’s deserved or not in some cases I don’t know but I do see that if you don’t adhere to the bias of the particular outlet you watch or read then that is the start of indoctrination of sorts.

// yes I do think the media plays a big part In demonising as well as evangelising some people. //

Me too.

I wouldn't join Hearts of Oak though. The name itself is enough to put me off without researching any further.
Khandro's sales talk reminds me of the people you come across in supermarkets trying to make you change supplier.

"Do you pay for your electricity and gas sir?"

Who doesn't?

And then you're hooked ... :-)

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Are Hate Figures Orchestrated By The Media?

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