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Itv's Jeremy Corbyn Interview

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anotheoldgit | 13:05 Fri 06th Dec 2019 | News
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Once again ITV chose a female interviewer Julie Etchingham.and her feminine side showed, by using valuable time asking Corbyn what is the most romantic thing he had ever done, how will the Corbyn family spend Christmas and that she had heard that he wasn't very good at house work.

I ask you.


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I recall in a recent Boris campaign set up by the conservative party one of the questions was "Fish and chips or a Sunday roast"...
Another was... "Marmite yes or no".
its all carp isn't it
These questions were followed by "When was the last time you cooked and what did you cook" as well as "What is your favourite band".
//she had heard that he wasn't very good at house work.//

To be fair he admitted he was good at putting the rubbish out. That's pretty truthful even for a Labour wannabee. :-)
party political broadcasts which supposedly show the lighter side of the candidates, not sure it does to be honest.
Such cobblers'. Why politicians submit themselves to such banal tripe I'll never know.
me neither ^^
Is your issue with Julie Etchingham or all "female interviewers", AOG?
Also, 'Do you watch the Queen's Speech?'
Seemed obvious that he didn't!
It should be direct questioning like Why have you supported terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah and shown distaste for Jews?
Not this luvvy stuff, who cares what he does for Christmas!!!
Question Author
Not one question about Labour's views on immigration, after all it was one of the main reasons for coming out of Europe.
maybe they will get a chance tonight 8.30pm BBC1
just the two leaders Corbyn and Johnson head to head
These 'interviews need to be stopped.

What on earth has this got to do with how good COB would be running the country. Who cares whether he does his share of whatever, thats between him and his missus.

And as for watching the Queen, what does it matter if he doesn't. I suspect many people dont.
// And as for watching the Queen, what does it matter if he doesn't. I suspect many people dont. //

I never have done, but I might this year if I remember. It could be interesting for once.

Corbyn's problem is that he's been anti-establishment all his life, and he's now he's now in theory trying to become part of it with all his historical baggage constantly popping up to embarrass him. He should have just said he never watches it, even though that might be embarrassing in the unlikely event he has to go and see her and ask to form a government.
Corbyn is the only household in the nation to get a preview of the Queen's speech in the morning. He splutters that the 3pm televised speech is a repeat. LMAO. He can't lie straight in bed.

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Itv's Jeremy Corbyn Interview

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