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I’m inclined to back Mr Farage on this: he’s already fled one car crash known as UKIP: that’s enough for anyone :-)
20:36 Sun 12th May 2019
he wasn't driving and from what I've heard he checked everyone was ok before leaving.

He must be a louse.

I think spath means flees ;o)
I feel a bit tick now.

Does this,

// Nigel Farage's "chauffeur-driven 4x4" crashed into me and he just ‘upped and left' hours before Question Time, claims pub landlord //

not give you a clue?
Spath thinks he hopped it.

He's thinking about restarting the thread from scratch!
I bet the landlord of the pub is jumping for joy over all the free publicity for his pub.
Total non story Spath. The chauffeur was driving a 4x4. His passenger was Mr Farage. Tell me what the responsibility of a passenger has legally in a RTC. Gotta try harder Spath
That pub is probably infested .... with reporters.
Can always rely on spath to be at the frontline of the news
No need to nitpick - there are no flies on him
Spath’s scratching around for controversy.
He's a sucker for it
He does like a soundbite
... even a lousy one.
It seems that the landlord's young son was in the car, so what does he mean that after the crash "I ran out to see if my little boy was OK.".
Presumably, he left the driver's seat to check on the child in the back.
Surely your first instinct would be to whip your head around and check on the child in the back seat. Anyway, we can assume all we want, can't we, until we, ourselves, are actually involved in an accident.
Of course the first thing you do is speak to the child and try to get a good look at them by twisting, it's not so easy in some models - and one can't check for any injuries by look alone.

I'm glad no one was serious;y hurt.

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