Constitutional Crisis?

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mushroom25 | 10:38 Mon 03rd Dec 2018 | News
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Brexit Advice:

is this as serious as labour are painting it?


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It could be.Whatever it takes to get rid of this despotic woman is fine by me.
Since it's not just Labour that are painting it that way, then yes, possibly.

The constitutional crisis beckons regardless of whether the legal advice is published or not: if it says “U.K. could be tied to EU custom laws indefinitely” well we know that anyway. If it calls in question the legality then that is the key thing. It doesn’t look like the deal is going to be supported anyway.
With the DUP threatening not to support the govt in the inevitable confidence vote there is a chance a general election could happen after all.
And an election would almost certainly mean A50 extension, surely?
Yes it would. In fact I think a general election would kill Brexit
Surely Brexit will have gone through long before an election could be organised.
Surely the government wouldn't be so stupid as to hold an election that delays preparations for Exit Day without extending that deadline first.
Somewhat over-dramatic but I agree that the sooner May is gone the better, also Gove, who has turned out to be a snake in the grass in backing May's 'deal'.
They would rush double quick an extension before any election. There is talk of no time to do anything but withthe amount of remainiacs screaming they will do it sooner rather than later. I bet they have all the paperwork sorted now and are just waiting for the second they need to drop it in the box.
Labour making a fuss again to cover up the facts that they have a dreadful leader and policies that arent worth a bucket of excrement. That added to a lack of fresh ideas should mean anyone with a brain wouldnt vote for them.
But will the EU agree to an extension?
Sadly my MP supports the PM. I’ve told him I’m not going to vote for him again but I’m in a Tory stronghold so he isn’t likely to lose his tax payer funded job just yet.
I'm not in the mood to defend Michael Gove -- I'll never forgive him for that "had enough of experts" crap -- but all the same, I think the biggest "snake in the grass" manoeuvring has been due to such players as Raab, Boris Johnson and David Davis. After all, they all signed up to this deal (or the Chequers equivalent) only to resign the day after complaining how bad it was. If they truly meant that they should have had the decency and guts to resign *before* agreeing to it. As it is, that's the ultimate "cake and eating it" attitude, and deserving of utter contempt.

"But will the EU agree to an extension?"

We need no extension should such a ridiculous event as a GE at this time occur. Just get it over with quickly.
MPs should DEMAND to see the legal advice in full before casting their vote.
Labour just happen to be the 'opposition' party. They are there to oppose and wouldn't be seen to be doing their 'job' were they not doing so.
Jim. I can't see the point of an extension if May's deal is voted out. The EU have made it clear that they will not allow any further negotiation.
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//anyone with a brain wouldnt vote for them. //

then there are an awfy lot of voters out there with only half a brain -

whilst the tories have a bigger %age margin and will doubtless win more seats, both labour and conservative will need the support of others to form a government. the most likely candidates for this are labour, with SNP support.
What's so bad about having a GE at this time? I'd have thought you would be even more keen on it, to be honest, OG. After all, what better chance will you have to get rid of all the MPs who vote against this deal?
Theresa May has said that an extension to Article 50 would invalidate the deal and we’d have to start all over again. Make of that what you will. There is I’d have thought a strong chance that an election would lead to a very hung parliament with neither party able to form a government.
Meanwhile the rest of Europe looks on bemused as the U.K. having at first appeared to shoot itself in the foot, now prepares to remove the other shoe and reload ...

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