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Voice Recognition Problems?

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mushroom25 | 11:01 Wed 05th Sep 2018 | News
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do companies need to apply "sounds like a...." to their voice recognition security systems? if yes, what's the answer to the apparent trans-discrimination in this case?


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She wants to think herself lucky that the Bank is looking after her money so well.

This is just attention seeking if you ask me.
Callcentre staff are not to make assumptions regarding someone's sexual gender.
They are expected to ask further security questions
To be fair, bank employees are trained to be paranoid about fraud and money laundering. I think if they have a suspicion about anything and fail to act on it they can even be liable for prosecution themselves.
It is a difficult situation.
My Mum could pass *all* security questions any organisation chose to ask her regarding any account held by my Dad.

If she took it upon herself to empty his bank accounts, over the 'phone, I'm not quite sure how the banks would fare when my Dad took them to court for allowing her to do.......if they used the excuse that she had given all the correct information despite the fact that she doesn't sound anything like a man.
That'll learn me to read the article first rather than trust what the title sermed to claim. So, fair enough then, a man, speaking in what appears to be a man's voice, trying to get the bank to access what is specified as an account owned by a woman. I'd expect them to err on the cautious side.
No OG it is not fair - as I have previously said - call centre staff are trained not to make assumptions.
"Do TTT or FatBertfixer's comments actually add anything to this thread or is it just as simple as it appears and they enjoy having a pop at Transgender people? " - what are transgender people? people cannot change gender, gender is specified at a cellular level.
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hard to tell whether a "phone banking system" means humans or machines.
A bank refuses access to an account for security purposes because a bloke pretending to be a woman and sounds like a bloke attempts to access an account in a woman's name.

Move along - nothing to see non-story.

If anything the bank should be applauded for being so security conscious.
Mrs B has fun with telephone callers asking for Mr Bainbrig. If she suspects their motives (e.g. trying to flog something) she’ll say “Speaking,” and then get irate when they try and argue that her womanly Scottish tones don’t sound like the English Mr Bainbrig...

They go away confused and no richer.

Not relevant, of course.

And the most fair assumption not to make is that a man seemingly trying to access a woman's account must be the woman he claims to be. Badic security issue. When you choose to live your life differently than the norm, then you must accept the side issues you opted to encounter, not moan about them.

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Voice Recognition Problems?

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