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jackthehat | 09:52 Wed 13th Jun 2018 | News
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Hopefully the length of these sentences will start to send out a message to anyone inclined to indulge in this sort of abhorrent behavior


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O.K. ^^
I have already referred to a practical program when Kvalidir first mentioned the education buzz-word.

The Dutch film "My Dangerous Lover Boy" was shown to girls in their early years of secondary school warning them of the methods used by the groomers. It starts with handsome young man in posh car chatting up very young girls, making them feel grown-up and special - loved even. Then he gets her on drugs and alcohol, and finally she ends up being shared with his cousins and his uncles or sold for sex in the next town.

A version of the film was made in English with the intention of showing it in all schools in whatever local authority (Yorkshire somewhere?) was liaising with the Dutch at the time. That was education - of the practical type, not the woolly pieties being touted here.

That film has never been shown.

Here's a question: why not?

And another: why hasn't that program been implemented after the scale of the abuse become common knowledge?

Here's another question: why wouldn't all decent Muslims help to stop these vile crimes?
Sentences taken on their own not enough, we should take a lead from USA who would have given them MUCH longer.
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I agree hereiam .
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By the way, if anyone wants to understand the mind-set of a different set of people - I mean the councils, statutory bodies, welfare services, police forces etc who have allowed this to go on for three decades largely unpunished - then they need only read this thread.
Thanks anne.
I haven't seen the film you suggested VE but it sounds as if it OUGHT to be shown.
Theland - // Oh I see these predators were all Muslims.
What a surprise from the Religion Of Peace! //

You are seriously fond of telling us all how we should be devout Christians like you, but if being a Christian like you gives me a personality that mocks and taunts other faiths with any utterly undeserved sense of superiority of the kind you show towards Islam, then I am delighted to be an atheist.
Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, Confucian, Pagan, atheist, or whatever – denial of what Islam truly represents is naïve.
Some people on this thread think it's more important to protect Islam than the girls.

Normally I leave it the other lot to do the moral posturing, but I find this perversion of moral principle disgusting.

I obviously missed the posts from people who didn't wish to provide the girls with everything they need to be safe - that includes protection - parental or otherwise depending on their situation and education to be as safe as possible out there.

Education is vital across the board.

Coupled with stringent attention by the authorities should it be needed and stern sentencing - the message will hopefully land home.
No matter of Colour, Religion, ethnic background whatever...
Once proven guilty... Live Public Castration.
//Education is vital across the board. Coupled with stringent attention by the authorities //

Winning entry in "Idle Platitude" comp.
Tell you what - you tell people what to type.

Would that make you happy??

I see Jonathan King's in court again. I wonder what religion/race/colour he could possibly be.
Is he Muslim jno ?
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More Predators Off The Streets

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