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So Is The Donald Correct In Seeking The Death Penaly To Deal With Drug Dealers?

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youngmafbog | 13:48 Mon 19th Mar 2018 | News
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So long as the correct Court procedure is followed I see it as a positive. After all these scum bags cause death and misery so why no dispatch them to their maker?


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“Trump cited Singapore and China for their 'zero tolerance' policy on drugs.”

LOOL, doesn’t dt know that most of the fentanyl, legal highs and precursors are made in Chinese labs/ factories?

Only opioid dealers? So cocaine and meth manufacturers who have supplied drugs that have destroyed whole communities and turned many places into police no go ghettos will be allowed to carry on?

He hasn’t thought this out has he.
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//His radical plan will include seeking the death penalty for drug dealers//
He doesn't specify only for opioid dealers, his proposal includes all major dealers.

The only reason that dt is going for an execution law is it’s a lazy kneejerk reaction to having lost/ losing the war on drugs.

It’s about time we and he looked into legalising drugs worldwide.
Drugs are easily available in Beijing and even in smaller provincial cities of China.

'Zero tolerance' on drugs is about as effective as 'zero tolerance' on prostitution.
Kromo, it's working in the Philippines
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The US already has ridiculously high sentences for drug-related crimes, and it's not clear that they have had the desired effect. It's also not difficult to find judges who have been pained to pronounce such long sentences on people who are found with, say, very small amounts of drugs on them but are still receiving sentences longer than that of rapists or murderers.

Going to the ultimate sanction therefore seems like a step in the wrong direction -- or, at the very least, seems to be tackling drug problems at the wrong end of the scale.

I don't really want to suggest legalising drugs, but the idea that it should carry the death penalty is patently ridiculous, especially when as usual there's the double standard of legal (and sometimes encouraged) tobacco and alcohol "dealing".

So basically no. Hopefully Trump can address the opioid crisis but he'll need something more meaningful than this wild suggestion if he wants to do so.
//Kromo, it's working in the Philippines//

It's working at increasing the number of extra-judicial killings. I sincerely doubt this will make much long-term difference though.
There’s no doubt in my mind that drugs WILL be legalised globally in the near future so executions for drugs when we’re on the cusp of this “revolution” is unnecessary and will be regretted in the future.
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“You can't 'win' the war on drugs.. It's never happen, even if you do start killing people. The spider will always regrow a head”

I know this, it’s the worlds leaders that don’t.

Spider? Shouldn’t that be hydra?
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It is (unfortunately some would say ) true that the death penalty is no deterrent

If that were the case , then offences attracting the death penalty in America would be extremely low and death row would not be crowded
Here's an idea, what say we start targeting users? eg, posh people on the charlie etc, start banging them up and see how quick the demand falls.
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//It is (unfortunately some would say ) true that the death penalty is no deterrent //

It may not deter others but it certainly deters them from doing it again. Contrast it with the ridiculously low sentences handed out in the UK that are no deterrent whatsoever.

I agree TTT, target the rich folks and celebs nd demand should drop like a stone. But they wont. Well Maybe Donald will but no chance of the Dems doing it.
So Is XXXXX Correct In Seeking The Death Penalty To YYYYY ?
No, obviously.
My view is that the dealer who sold the drugs to the user should be charged as an accessory to any crime comitted by them
That already happens in some states, Sinderella. It sounds as as if Trump is just extending his war against Mexicans, who he thinks are all drug lords, rather than dealing with the users in the USA.
I would like to think that President Trump is enough of a realist to understand that the 'War On Drugs' was always a political slogan identical to, and similarly utterly ineffectual to the 'War On Terror'.

I would like to think that, but I don't.

I think Mr Trump's election has taught him one valuable lesson - if you tell the electorate what they want to hear, they will vote for you.

Of course the tiresome issue of actually delivering what you have promised is another matter with which President Trump does not concern himself.

President Trump believes that sanctioning the death penalty for drug dealers is what people want to hear, and they will vote for him if he says it.

He is, of course, absolutely right.

This is votes in the bank for re-election time - it is not a solution to the problem of drug addiction in the United States.

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So Is The Donald Correct In Seeking The Death Penaly To Deal With Drug Dealers?

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