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Sir Roger Bannister Dies Age 88

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steg | 12:38 Sun 04th Mar 2018 | News
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First man to run a mile in under four minutes


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Great athlete....notable Neurologist...proud to know him as a friend.
RIP Roger.
R.I.P Sir Roger. Great man. God Speed.

RIP Roger
I have a 'memory' of listening to his sub 4 minute mile on the radio, I'm not sure if it is real or an imagined memory.
RIP Sir Roger.
Sad news, RIP Sir Roger
That's sad news.

RIP Roger.
Thanks for posting the video Togo. I found it, to my surprise, incredibly moving. Such an achievement. R.I.P. Sir Roger.
A gentleman... what a legacy to leave behind..May you rest in peace sir x
Yes Lady. We also salute the Chris Brasher and Chris Chataway contributions. Different times....different mindsets. They were not like our current crop of "clever" able youngsters. Shame really.
Absolutely Togo, I remember them all very well.

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Sir Roger Bannister Dies Age 88

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