World's Highest Foreign Aid Per Person?

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EDDIE51 | 22:28 Sat 13th Jan 2018 | News
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Just read an artical about Pitcairn Island. It has just 41 inhabitants yet gets on average £3.5 million a year aid from the UK.taxpayer. Another £6.5 million has just been approved.
I make that as over £85,000 per person per year.
Of the 41 inhabitants 26 have paid employment ,only 8 are under the age of 50. Just 3 people applied to move there last year and none of them actually made the move.There is serious concern that the population will die out. Is this the highest per person aid in the world and is it justified?


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I guess that is what you call a ... bounty
Question Author
Bountiful it certainly is , from the artical>>
Residents of the Island all receive either a government wage or a pension paid by the UK as well as child benefit. They pay no tax.
so £85,000 a year each and no tax! , mind you there is no airport and only a supply ship once a month. I don't think I will retire there.
Make your mind up. It’s either paradise or it isn’t ;-)
It could be viewed as an act of Christian compassion, though, in my opinion, it would be cheaper for us and better for if they all moved to Blighty.
Is it foreign aid? Surely it is British?
good point, hc. Poorly worded OP?
Question Author
It is British Overseas Territory. Not part of the UK.
Britain wanted it, got it and the people are British, so they are our responsibility. They also receive money from the EU which will stop with Brexit, so I expect we will have to make up the shortfall
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^ Also one of the most remote Islands in the world. In the South Pacific ,halfway between New Zealand and Peru.
Yes, Eddie, we are all aware of it due to the sex trials of 2004
Question Author
Sex trials ?You've got me on that one, hc4361 .
I know it was first settled by the mutineers from The Bounty.
Isn’t that the island where one of the heads was a descendant of the bounty lot and abused loads of girls for years?
Yes, Islay. Most of the inhabitants are descendents of The Bounty mutineers
maybe that was what v_e had in mind when referring to "Christian" compassion. I think there are more of them on Norfolk island these days, off Australia.

As I recall, the first thing the prisoners had to do was build the prison.

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World's Highest Foreign Aid Per Person?

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