Hawaii Missile Alert: False Alarm Sparks Panic In Us State

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mikey4444 | 08:35 Sun 14th Jan 2018 | News
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Just who did they think was attacking Hawaii......zee Germans, or perhaps the Japs again ?


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Well unfortunately it could any number of parties attacking them, but its good to see that the system works.
Question Author
Not sure that it worked at all. If there really had been a ballistic missile attack on Hawaii, 100,000's of people would have been killed.
The purpose of the system is to give a warning and to try and save as many people as possible - the system worked as in it gave out a warning.
Now it could be argued that if there are not enough shelters then people will die - but that's a different matter!
Mikey, the answer to your question is in your link.

//An alert system is in place because of the potential proximity of Hawaii to North Korean missiles.//
wonder if they had the system in place when Capt. Cook 'attacked'?
// the Japs //

Oh dear.
Yet another example of someone asking a question where the answer is contained in the article.
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Looks like this was an accident waiting to happen :::

"It was corrected by email 18 minutes later but there was no follow-up mobile text for 38 minutes, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports"
-- answer removed --
Japs Mikey? Perhaps we should nip this in the bud.
// the Japs //

Oh dear.

Zee Germans is fine I take it?

Personally, it doesn't bother me but to have one thread ongoing shouting 'racist' and another typing Japs and Zee Germans appears to be somewhat hypocritical.

Doesn't it?
It does indeed Talbot. But it seems to have been......overlooked?
Re Japs I think mikey was using the language of the Yanks :-)

I hope that this mistake is as bad as it gets
...meaning the Hawaiian one (!)
The operative who sent the message by mistake has been into his supervisors office and given a rocket.
Rocket man, probably. (That Elton has a lot to answer for.)
One would have thought such a group text send would have a confirmation asking if one is sure.
It is good to know that while all this was going on The President of the US was out on the golf course: braving the skies rather than cowering in a bunker (at least not a nuclear one) .
His 120th day's holiday of the year ...

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Hawaii Missile Alert: False Alarm Sparks Panic In Us State

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