Gcse Exam Results, What A Lot Of Fuss.

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dave50 | 11:25 Fri 25th Aug 2017 | News
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When I left school in 1975 after taking my 'O' level exams I don't recall the results being one of the headline items on the news, nor did we all gather at school to collect our results and hug each other in tears. We left school, the results came through the post a few weeks later, we looked at them, said 'oh dear never mind' (well I did) and went out got a job and got on with life.


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Cheer up, dave. Must admit I don't remember people doing cartwheels or a big group leaping in the air "jumping for joy"
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I'm happy fiction-factory thank you, it's Friday.
I might have got all excited about it but I turned up about four hours late because for whatever reason I thought results were available in the afternoon, not the morning.

I also did the same (nearly) for an exam...
It seems that if they are not as expected you can pay to get them remarked.
No, me neither Dave. This was 1953, my admission to Med School depended on 4 A-levels, this i attained, so went back to work as a porter at the station, as my summer job. No present from parents, no clapping of hands,no photographs in the paper and certainly NOTHING on the TV.
No AB so parents and grandparents could start a thread, it was all....."Now go and work hard to get your degree."
We didn't have cameras shoved in our face. When I left school in 1989 we had an option of getting the results in person or through the post.

My son appeared in the paper. He was mortified :-)
I was one of the first to go through the then 'new' GCSE system, where the teachers were either striking or away training through the course work 87/88. I recall having a choice to go to the school (All boys Grammar) or await the impending drop of doom through the letterbox. I did the latter and actually did rather well in Math, English Physics and Biology... as for the rest well they were a all Girl school nearby. what can I say...
Grrrr *Maths
Yes, it is a lot of fuss. it's the same news coverage every year. It's boring now.
I went down the Pub !
Letter came through, read it thought "oh ***" and then went off to the beach (Well it was 76 and I live by the coast) followed by an evening culminating on the pier with my mate spiking my beer with Bells. Never touched the stuff since!

No newspapers, no tv and definitely no internet!
What at 16 Mikey! Shame on you!! ;o)
Got my first (and only) GCE aged 54 so I did get a bit excited but not like they do today.
Yes it's a ridiculous fuss. Have to say it and no point you modern things denying it - went to grammar school, 6th form college and university and the numbers who got lots of As or a 1st could be counted on 1 hand.
I can remember the day that my O Levels came out. The school asked us to provide them with stamped addressed envelopes, so that they could post the results to us....
I don't recall being able to go to the school itself back in August 1969.

I sat on the doorstep from about 06:00, waiting for the Postman ! When he arrived at about 08:00, I was so nervous that I couldn't open the envelope, so Mum opened it for me. I got 7 O levels, including the important ones of Maths, English and Physics, which is what O needed to start my apprenticeship with GPO Telephones.

I can't remember the exact grades, although they were good-ish......good enough anyway.
I've been saying this for, TV, newspapers ....why?
I got 8 O levels....three A levels and went on to University....and no recognition at all from anyone/ parents weren't that impressed, either!
mum brought my highers results into Littlewoods dept store where I was saturday girl on the cheese I opened them in front of the a big cheer !!
I was working on a checkout when my A level results came through, my French teacher actually came in to the supermarket and told me mine, he knew what grades I needed to get into Uni and was too excited to keep his mouth shut!!
I would like to offer my congratulations to all those kids who have good results today.......I'm glad that I haven't got to go through all that again !
bang on, I have no idea what the fuss is about, It was never a news item in my day. If you are any good you know the results anyway.

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Gcse Exam Results, What A Lot Of Fuss.

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