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Sentencing For Killing Cats

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cassa333 | 11:16 Sun 16th Jul 2017 | News
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How long does the average murderer get sentenced to these day?

In the US this man killed 18 cats and injured three others and was sentenced to 16yrs. I am sure that there have been murders that got less. Mind you to be dare the US does seem to have harsher custodial sentences.

However rather than this mans sentence being decreased to justify a derisory murder sentence perhaps murder sentences should go way up?

I know every case is unique and different countries have different sentencing guidelines but honestly I think he got what he deserved and they should up more serious sentencing.


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Didn't get a death sentence though.
He only started out of curiosity.
In most States in the US they have hugely draconian sentences: life without parole, 99 years etc. Still something of the Wild West about the USA when it comes to law and order - and guns.
I was going to say the same. They give out crazy sentences.

Saying that...someone who tortures cats should receive a substantial sentence. If someone can torture a defenseless animal I wouldn't want them in contact with innocent humans.
//Sentencing For Killing Cats//

If they were killed humanly I'd suggest a "key for the city".
I don't think torture counts as humanely.
He also sexually abused at least one cat. Sick man
I doubt it does too.
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Wrong thread Eddie?
Yes. sorry that was for the Trump Welcome thread.
Don't know how I managed to put it on here.
I think 16 years is a brilliant sentence. In this country, he'd get a suspended one !! I also loved that the Judge ignored his defence lawyers pleas for leniency referring to it as exactly that! Sounds like the poor things suffered horribly.
There is only one sentence here for murder and that is life.

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Sentencing For Killing Cats

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