Should Shabir Ahmed Be Given Further Rights To Appeal?

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anotheoldgit | 14:49 Fri 19th May 2017 | News
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I make no apology for this being one of those anti-Muslim threads, that we hear so much about these days.

/// Three times married Ahmed told the court he had four children living in the UK, had lived here for nearly 50 years and had £83,000 in a UK bank account. ///

It is bad enough scum like him being given further rights to appeal, without the public footing the bill also, especially when he has £83,000 sitting in an UK bank.

A couple of quotes from Shabir Ahmed:

/// He said: 'She (Theresa May) says all her trouble is coming from Muslims, yet she's the biggest trouble causer in the world.' ///

/// He said he was convicted by 'eleven white jurors', adding: 'It's become fashionable to blame everything on Muslims these days.' ///

What can one say? But I bet there are some that have plenty to say.


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With 83 grand in the bank he ought to be made to pay for his own flight! After all, it'll only be one way....
He obviously doesn't think he's done anything wrong - probably thinks it's all the fault of the girls. Vile creep !!
He should pay his own costs or preferably go.
He certainly should not have legal aid, I thought the rules had been tightened up.
No, he shouldn't.
As others have said his considerable savings should be put towards his Legal Aid costs.
Where does it say he is getting legal aid?
The headline states public funded appeal, which I think means legal aid but I may be wrong.
Considering these gangs pimped the girls out and around perhaps his £83,000 should be confiscated as proceeds of crime.

Might have been a different gang though.
Baza I assumed by public funded appeal it was what it was costing to fight his appeal - I am probably wrong though.
I would have thought that clearer reporting was needed as it doesn't say he is getting legal aid!!

It's also in the article

///But they have now been given permission to argue their publicly-funded case before the Court of Appeal.///

///Previously, the Legal Aid Scheme was in place to assist funding for criminal cases. This scheme is no longer in use and has been replaced///
I wont be watching the last part till tonight, which I have recorded, but if he pleaded not guilty to the girls abuse, he should have had his £83,000 in an UK bank, go towards his defense, and that goes for them all.

I would hate to think how much the trial cost, with a barrister for every defender, if that was the case.

As for his Deportation appeal & fees, he shouldn't even be allowed to appeal.

If you are NOT born in this Country, and commit a serious crime, it should be 'ONE STRIKE, YOUR OUT'.

So lets begin, by letting these Immigrants know where they stand, before they get their feet under the table, or we are just going to be digging a bigger hole, for them to climb in.
in my ideal world, he would be hung and all his assets seized and given to his victims, and his family deported.
If this man is legally allowed to require the state to pay for his appeal, you would not expect him to do any other than to claim that money - which I understand he is entitled to as a British citizen.

As hereIam posts, it is unlikely that he thinks he has done wrong, but that is simple human nature - no bad person ever thinks they are bad, that's not how our mind works.

And as far as this being an 'anti-Muslim' thread, I would hope that all posters consider that this man is a horrible criminal because that is who he is, not because he is a Muslim, that is simply an unfortunate aspect of his life which does not inform his behaviour in this area.

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The problem is that being Muslim is tge root of the problem.

Not because the religion itself is pure evil as such but because the right-on liberal elite an pc brigade have made them untouchable; and they know it.

The real fault lies with the liberal elite, as usual when these thing s arise.
The Police you mean , who didn't listen when things were spelled out to them?

Those Liberal elite?

When finally they were made to get their act together, untouchable they were not - jailed in fact.
//he is a Muslim, that is simply an unfortunate aspect of his life which does not inform his behaviour in this area. //

Unfortunately it does.
The Police, and not only the one instance, are curtailed by the PC Brigade. It is a no-no to go after a Muslim thanks to the liberal elite.
Forgive me for asking for clarification , I hear phrases trotted out with no context.

Thanks for the reply.

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Should Shabir Ahmed Be Given Further Rights To Appeal?

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