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maybe he had a few ales before, or just watched rebel without a cause
I miss Nigel Farage.
I was a mistake anyone can make under pressure. Many others have made much worse slips (shame Dianne Abbot wasn't there) .I am no fan of UKIP but I felt sorry for Paul Nuttall last night as the rest of the panel ganged up on him and all recounted their distorted view of reality - eg peddling the myth of nurses, doctors and teachers going to food banks, shaking heads and mocking at any mention of immigration, and their continued insistence that there is no future for us outside the single market.
fiction-factory, exactly there was a roma family passed by me recently
had about twelve children in tow, one has to admire their guttural language amongst themselves, two obese parents, both with fags in the gobs, as i got on my bus that passes the unemplment center, they were there. the wonders of cultural diversity, they give so much.
UKIP gave us the greatest gift any party could: Freedom from the EUSSR.

How many parties can say they have archived 100% what they set to to do ? Labour can only dream.

So many thanks to Sir Nigel.
As ever, mikey is predisposed with UKIP, whilst Jezza et al sink further into oblivion.

Does an emperor with a stringed instrument mean anything to you mikey?
I was a mistake anyone can make under pressure.

That is some admission.
I agree with YMB. 100% success for UKIP. Job done. The Tories are going to romp home and all the Corbyn fans can do is sit on the sidelines and snivel.
Question Author
Nuttall didn't just make the mistake once....anyone could do that. But he did it twice !

We all know that UKIP is finished as a political party but with this nice but clearly incompetent chap in charge, its demise will be sooner rather than later.
Nutall is not Sir Nigel by a long stretch but UKIP wont 'demise' any sooner.

And speaking of a party demise ........
In the great scheme of things, she, like him, is a bit of a nonentity really, so forgetting her name is easily done - but carry on. It's another opportunity not to be missed.
Hopkirk; //I miss Nigel Farage.// No need to, he hasn't gone away and is still punching for Britain, please see;
my o/h called me by the wrong name on our first date, luckily we did laugh about it in a way, and did have a second date, where he managed to get it right.
a simple mistake is made during a televisual entertainment dressed up as "serious political debate".

meanwhile the labour party cannot agree amongst themselves what the content of their own manifesto actually represents....

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Ukip...the Gift That Keeps Giving !

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