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Nhs Funding Review For Gluten-Free Food

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mikey4444 | 08:11 Tue 28th Mar 2017 | News
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This is about NHS England, although I am guessing that its the same here in Wales.

I am not sure about gluten-free, but I can't understand why things like paracetamol are available on prescription in the first place. It can be obtained very cheaply pretty well anywhere and only cost a few pence for a packet.

I am big fan of the NHS but surely this is an area where it could be saving some money ?

EDIT: I've created a poll on this subject over here - AB Editor


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mikey...I agree.
Painkillers, gluten free bread and even suntan oil can be obtained on the is a nonsense and should be stopped.
In my opinion ALL patients should pay 10% of all their medication for whatever condition they have.
I stand to be corrected, but i think that 85% of prescriptions are FREE, whatever the condition and whatever the age group.....this again in my opinion is nonsense.
I absolutely get setting limitations on prescription meds that can be purchased OTC. ....maybe where these meds are expensive, then there could be an additional benefit for people on a low income who honestly cannot afford them...
Prescription meds however are a different issue, especially where they are controlled substances used in palliative care. When my DH was dying and needed it, I had a huge struggle getting him enough fentanyl as part of the required prescription limitations are around not killing the patient which in the case of end stage palliative care, becomes irrelevant.
Free at point of prescription sqad. We have already paid for them as we pay for any other NHS service, through NI contributions. Those of us who additionally elect to have private health insurance are also taxed on that.
quite right mikey, the NHS sould not be catering for all this Gluten free BS. Take special measures for genuine intolerance cases by all means the rest is just trendy cobras.
I was astounded to hear the sort of things being dished out on the NHS.
Also, what kind of person bothers their doctor with trifling complaints to save pennies at the chemists.
woofgang.......paying through our taxes is not enough to support the NHS and a surcharge on prescriptions must surely come.
I agree with sqad - I worked long and hard in the NHS to get prescriptions for OTC painkillers and for 'Drugs of No Therapeutic Value' stopped in Coventry - we pretty nearly managed it, but some GPs are a law unto themselves it seems.

As for paying for prescriptions, I think either they should all be free, or we should all pay something. The current situation in England is just wrong - the only people who pay seem to be those who already pay most (through tax and NI) for the NHS.

A small charge would at least put a brake on the "OAP Goody Bag" phenomenon, where patients (and pharmacies) routinely renew everything in sight whether it is actually needed or not.
Mmm. Not an expert but it's hard to believe all the contents of those^ goody bags are necessary.
Some of the medicines in them seem to have the opposite affect to each other, if you know what I mean.
Apart from the bribes handed out by drug companies, do Doctors receive any other financial incentives for over prescribing, anyone know?
There used to be small incentives for reducing prescribing of useless/trivial stuff - that's how we motivated our GPs to stop it.

I suspect that (since Cameron put the purse strings in the GPs hands) this may no longer be the case ...
I know somebody who gets indigestion tablets on prescription.
Once it has been accepted that you have satisfied the requirements for free NHS prescription e.g diabetes, thyroid replacement, then ALL your prescriptions for ANYTHING.....related or unrelated to your medical condition are FREE.
Madness, surely?
If they're POM (prescription only medicine) like omeprazole or lansoprazole then that's fine.

If it's rennies/bisodol then it's not.

The grey area is stuff like gaviscon - which does work, but is ridiculously expensive OTC - should GPs prescribe to save the patient money?
Daft isn't it sqad - pregnancy is another 'freebie generator' - for teeth as well as scripts.
Slightly off topic but, I think, related.
^I think all prescriptions are free in Wales. (for everyone)
Mikey I agree wholeheartedly with your op. Unbelievably the NHS has been issuing prescriptions for gluten free Pizza bases, digestive biscuits and cakes. All on sale at every supermarket, and incidentally in tandem with a campaign about healthy eating to combat diabetes and weight gain. More importantly we need to recoup the money spent on EU member state citizens who are treated by the NHS, as they do if a UK citizen is treated there. Don't even get me started about the health tourists from other parts of the World or the sex change procedure that have become part and parcel of NHS responsibility.
Wrong! The NHS opens itself to abuse - and many people take full advantage of that.
I know a girl who gets 'medicine' in Wales to give to her (very wealthy)sister who lives in England. Had a row about it.
Really Samjenko how does that work if it is prescription medicine?

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Nhs Funding Review For Gluten-Free Food

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