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So you dont know for certain. You are adopting the liberal elite stance of repeat something often enough it will become truth.
16:03 Wed 15th Mar 2017
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Not bad for a failed businessman who doesn't pay tax.
Trump leaked it himself.
It came anonymously in the post but was marked 'Client Copy' meaning it didn't come from his accountants or the tax office, it dame from Trump.

2005 is the year he would have paid the highest amount. He claims to be a multi-billionaire, but said after deductions he was liable for £5million. He must have the lowest tax rate in the country.

Why does he not show us his 2015 return?
Question Author
He might well have leaked them himself, Gromit. Didn't stop the Trump hating fake media taking the bait and making bloody fools of themselves. (again)
He paid $38 million, Gromit. Where did you dredge up your $5 million from?
'2005 is the year he would have paid the highest amount.' Stop making stupid claims up about things you can't possibly know about.
Trump’s tax returns reveal that he paid $5.3m in federal income tax.

The additional $31m payment was for the alternative minimum tax, or AMT.

// The alternative minimum tax was created in 1969 (and amended in 1979) to address the fact that some of the uber-wealthy could use so many deductions and loopholes that they ended up paying zero federal income tax. People with high incomes have to calculate their taxes twice – once with all their deductions and once without many of them. The taxpayer must then pay the higher of the two figures. //

Trump was to abolish the Alternative Minimum Tax, so in future he wants to paythe very low amount.
// He might well have leaked them himself. //

If you accept that Trump leaked the Return himself (which you seem to be doing), then it is logical he will leak the year he paid the most tax. No one asked to see his 2005 return, they want to see his most recent return.
So you know he leaked it for certain then Gromit?


Lets face it the Trump haters have lost this one, they claimed he never paid tax, he certainly did so stop digging your hole deeper.
Thought I'd check out some more Mark Rice on his ayouTube channel. I think I can spit a theme.


No one is the least bit interested in Trumps 2005 Tax Return. It is the 2015 one that is of interest. Instead, this 12 year old one marked 'Client Copy' is suddenly gifted to the media and the White House rebuttal is issue before the MSNBC show is even aired.
They had their response prepared before the leaked Return was divulged.
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mikey thought Mark Dice videos were so brilliant, he posted two different ones on two different threads within 10 minutes.
It must have only been when he was halfway through the third one that he realised all the 'stopid' Americans on them were,,,,Hillary supporters. *Titterfarkle*.
I can *spot* a theme.
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But, but, she said a pulitzer winning investigative journalist 'obtained' it, Gromit. And her fake media company certainly thought everyone was interested in it. They were crowing about it all day.
Lol, sometimes you've just got to accept defeat.
So you dont know for certain. You are adopting the liberal elite stance of repeat something often enough it will become truth.
This journalist wasn't seeking Trumps return. He did not pursue a lead or meet a known source in an underground car park. It just miraculously appeared on his welcome mat one morning...

// It sounds unfathomable that a copy of President Donald Trump's coveted income tax return would suddenly appear in the mailbox at the Brighton home of a journalist.

But that is exactly what David Cay Johnston, a former New York Times reporter who won a Pulitzer Prize for his tax policy coverage and recently authored a best-selling book on Donald Trump’s rise, said happened.

Johnston recalled that he was in Palm Beach, Florida, on Monday researching a new biography he's writing on the president when he received a text from his daughter urging him to check his email immediately.

"So I look at my email and it says, 'This came in the mail today,' and it’s a PDF she made of the tax returns sent to me," Johnston recalled.

The tax return arrived in a plain, No. 10 envelope at his home with a postmark from Westchester, New York. Johnston said he didn't know who sent it. //

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