This Has A Certain Ring About It..

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vulcan42 | 23:59 Sat 04th Mar 2017 | News
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President Sir Patrick Stewart, what are his chances, has he left it too late, he'll be eighty in four years time?


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Really? I didn't think Trump had a hope of getting the top job, but he did.

I thought the Pres had to have been born in the USA.
that's why Schwarzenegger couldn't run for the presidency.
Yes guys,
You have to be born IN the USA to run for President.
As wonderful as Patrick is,he was born in Yorkshire.
I am not sure if this is about Stewart running for the White House, which, as already has been pointed out, would be impossible. He says that he wants to oppose Trump and it would be easier for him to do that if he was American citizen.

Or it could be more cynical than that, and might be for tax reasons !

Pity that the rule about being born in the country in which you are running for office doesn't apply here.
Why does it matter where you are born?
Ummm....I may be wrong here but I think the "American-born" rule was brought in, to stop the British from becoming POTUS. After all, in the early days, a large amount of people living in America would have been British-born.

But its a very difficult thing to continue to justify these days. If it wasn't for this rule, I am sure that Arnie would have done his stint in the White House by now !
Schwarzenegger for president? Last time there was an Austrian in charge of a country, look what happened!
Saw some of the comments made to Sir Patrick. Since when have the Americans kept their noses out of British business?
Mikey - I was just thinking would anyone consider Cliff Richard non British because he was born in India.

What about all the people born in other countries because their parents were serving in the military? It doesn't make them less British (or American)
IMO if he was born in India, then for the classification to have any logic Cliff is Indian by birth. He is able to adopt British citizenship and assume it was either automatic or he did so, or his parents did so on his behalf.

I can understand not wanting to allow foreign folk taking over one's county's leadership role but feel there should be criteria whereby one can "prove" one's allegiances have changed ad thus qualify one for such a role.
Ummm...there are a lot of things about American politics that doesn't make any sense....look who is in the White House for Gods sake !
Mikey - I worked in a psychological hospital for quite a few years....Trump could be a patient...the man is unhinged.
Ummmm - Trump could be a patient. NO - trump SHOULD be a patient.
Ummm...I suggested a couple of weeks ago, that Trump had all the appearance of being unhinged, but our resident Medic, Sqad, was of the opinion that he wasn't.

Perhaps Trump isn't truly unhinged but just petty and childish !
Sqad is a former ENT surgeon...not a psychiatrist.
I think Trump is showing dangerous signs of paranoia, at the very least, with a strong dose of a persecution complex.

All this could have been predicted and was, before the Election, but millions of Americas still voted for him. They still support him and dismiss any criticism of him as "fake news"

I keep thinking that we are going wake up one morning, and these last few months have all been just a bad dream. Of course, that is partly true, although a nightmare would be nearer the truth.
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It does look as if he's ineligible but I'd have thought he would have checked that out. Perhaps he believes saying "make it so" will work for him.
Patrick Stewart is a silly old twonk !
Until today I'd never heard of Patrick Stewart and I'm still none the wiser.

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This Has A Certain Ring About It..

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