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Brit Awards Overhaul Voting System To Promote Diversity

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anotheoldgit | 15:47 Mon 07th Nov 2016 | News
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Surely the votes should reflect the quality of the artist and their music, even if there happens not to be enough BAME or female artists amongst the winners?

I wonder if they will be doing likewise for the next MOBO Awards, all in the name of diversity you understand?



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Aog, I was being old fashioned in an attempt to connect with you.

Question Author
The trouble with this increasing quest for diversity is the fact that it can come back to hit one in the back.

Take for example 'Strictly come dancing' it has a diverse mix of contestants and there is nothing wrong with that, but when the time came and two non-white contestants were voted out, accusations of racism were displayed.
Question Author

Then it is quite obvious that I am not as 'old fashioned' as you think I am.
AOG, starting a sentence directed at a fellow ABer with 'What the hell....' strikes me as unnecessarily aggressive.

Given what a sensitive soul you are I find it surprising you take this line.
Yes, what about the MOBO awards? They need to address the issue of diversity.
Bet they wont though. 'Diversity' only works one way.

Where is white history month I ask?
Some folk are never happy.

We have seen the last two winners of the Booker Prize be black and yet still critics cry foul that black people are not being acknowledged enough in the world of print awards.
Want a 'White History Month' start one, things don't spring from thin air - they are organised.
There have been white winners of MOBO's.
There have, Sam Smith springs to mind recently - he won a few.
I haven't read all the posts, but what does //Brit Awards Overhaul Voting System To Promote Diversity// mean? They're going to start rigging the votes?
No they are making their voting panel a bit more balanced.

//Voters from BAME backgrounds will make up 17% of the panel, up from 15% last year.The gender balance has also been reviewed, after a review discovered that 70% of the voting academy was male.
Next year's winners will be chosen by a panel that is 52% male and 48% female.//
So the new people will vote not for the best but for people with whom they can relate? Sounds like rigging the votes to me.
Will they?
Not much point in changing the panel if that isn't the general idea.

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Brit Awards Overhaul Voting System To Promote Diversity

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