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Send Them Back To Africa, Says Frau Merkel.

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anotheoldgit | 14:45 Mon 07th Nov 2016 | News
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Could it be that she is now fearing for her job?

/// There has been talk in political circles of her one-time allies ousting her as leader of the country unless she agrees to significantly harden her stance on refugees and win back the confidence of voters. ///


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Sadly all politicians' default position revolves around holding their job for as long as possible, and leaving a positive legacy when they go.

Ms. Merkel is highly unlikely to do either!
This lady IS for turning!

Well, given that they have done their bit ( depending on if you think there are bits to be done ) by taking in well over a million migrants ; then you can hardly blame her for putting up the drawbridge
The Angel is every bit as flip-floppy as almost all of her kind, and just as fond of a grand gesture or big idea.
Reality bites though, if a tad too late.
^ yes,Merkel has more than done her bit.

Placed a huge burden on the welfare bill for a start. She has also created areas that have made thousands of Germans feel like strangers in their own towns and villages. More women have been groped, intimidated and sexually assaulted.

To cap it all, successfully lost a large percentage of migrants who are 'somewhere in the country'

No good raising the drawbridge after the horse has bolted.

Merkel will reap what she has sown and she only has herself to blame for a madcap and reckless approach to the issue.

I'm utterly amazed she's still in power ....
she changed her tune!
Welcome to politics and the world of politicians wild u-turns.
Next on the future news Trump as President tears down the Mexican border walls to allow free migration and is seen at the front of a protest campaigning for better rights for Afro Americans.
If she has changed her tune due to listening to the voting public then fair enough. But given the length of time it has taken to happen I suspect it is more to do with clinging on to power.
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Bit ruddy late ain't it ?
Of course she changed her tune. She can no longer bank on funnelling them to the UK via Calais. Ooops more negative Brexit ramifications.

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Send Them Back To Africa, Says Frau Merkel.

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