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Is Trump Unfit To Be P.o.t.u.s.?

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Ellipsis | 17:58 Tue 02nd Aug 2016 | News
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The incumbent President thinks so. Obama says he's had policy differences with previous Republican presidents and candidates, but never thought they could not function as President - simply disagreeing with their policies. But Trump is a different matter.

Also today, Richard Hanna became the first Republican member of Congress to publicly say he would vote for Hillary Clinton, citing Trump's comments about the Khan family as the deciding factor - not for a third party or write-in candidate, but for Clinton!

Obama questions why the Republicans still support the Trump's candidacy. Should they (and could they?) drop him for somebody else at this stage?

See for more details.


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A republican congressman says he'll vote for the antiChrist spawn of the devil Clinton. That's what ought to worry you if you really want Trumpo for prezzie :-)
18:20 Tue 02nd Aug 2016
Certainly he is unfit. It is interesting to see that the first Republican congressman come out and declare for Hilary Clinton. Trump is already muttering about rigged elections. And it's only August. We're in for an extraordinary few months up to 8 November.
It's not impossible that Trump fails to see it out. If he keeps this up.
a democrat outgoing president says a republican candidate is unfit, well rub me down with a guardian! He has been chosen by due process, mostly by republicans so he's fit by definition. Sounds like Labour to me, the party elect a leader and suddenly the party big wigs are having a hissy fit.
A republican congressman says he'll vote for the antiChrist spawn of the devil Clinton. That's what ought to worry you if you really want Trumpo for prezzie :-)
Trumplethinskin is almost certainly unfit to be President.

It takes more than rhetoric to lead a country.

America's best POTUS' had a clear vision, and were a uniting force.

Trump leads with his mouth. Fortunately, the set up of the American system (thank you 'House of Cards' for teaching me how it works) means that he won't be as dangerous as some may assume.
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I'm not aware of any Labour MPs saying they'll vote Tory if Corbyn is still leader at the next election.

Sure Obama is biased, but biased to the extent where "he would say that"? I don't think so ... He didn't say it about his own opponents at the previous two elections (McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012). I'd say he genuinely thinks Trump is unfit to be President, unlike those two.
Yes, he's clearly unfit - I hope he's elected.
Yes, he has not got the Charisma.
Ah yes the Person that thought he could bully us into remaing in the EU so the US could have access to it without paying.

Usual garbage from the left wing. He is just as fit to be President as Hillary is, lets face it both have their problems.
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A followup to this story, here:

Trump hits back at Obama, of course, but also at Paul Ryan and John McCain who are on his own side!

And the two lists at the bottom of the report caught my eye: "Republicans not voting for Mr Trump" and "Republicans voting for Mrs Clinton". Neither Paul Ryan nor John McCain are on those lists yet, but already they contain the names of some senior Republicans. Does the GOP really want to run with Trump? If they win they lose and if they lose they lose, whereas he personally would seem to win either way as long as he runs ...

I believe Trump is well rehearsed at presenting the image he thinks most of the people want to see in a president - a no-nonsense, down-to-earth leader who takes no ***, with zero tolerance for those whom he perceives to be a threat to his country. But does he have the strength of personality to sustain this? I don't think so. To me, his personality suggests the kind of person who is likely to throw tantrums if things don't go his way. Truculent, petty, impetuous and impulsive - not good qualities for any leader. His ruthlessness and lack of empathy seem to his supporters to be strengths, but this view would very quickly change when these two traits were levelled at his own people, instead of the hated "immigrants". He will show his true personality and character sooner or later - he cannot avoid doing so - and will put off many of the people who are now his strongest supporters. If he shows his true personality in a strong way before he gets elected, there will be a swing to Mrs. Clinton. It would, however, be more idly amusing to those of us not directly affected by Trump as president, if he were elected first, before the fireworks begin. But in the words of Francis Urquhart "you might say that - I couldn't possibly comment".
Trump's defence is always attack. His motto is clearly " never explain, never apologise". In international relations this approach can only be disastrous. I used to think that the structures around the US presidency ( civil service, armed forces chiefs, etc ) would be sure to restrain him if he did become president, but now I am beginning to think they wouldn't. If he lets a crying baby or a well-justified rebuke from a suffering family get under his skin, how on earth can he face international challenges ? His greatest problem in the campaign will be to convince the people who matter that he can grasp the importance of international relations, for which at the moment he is showing both utter ignorance and utter unconcern.

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Is Trump Unfit To Be P.o.t.u.s.?

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