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According to the BBC the hostage takers have been shot dead.

I'll bet the Church and the Hostage Takers represent different denominations.
Yes the knifemen have been shot. Hope the hostages are OK.
Question Author
I think you may well be right fact as usual im prepared to bet my shirt on it...Ive yet to lose a bet on here...
Good news for a change.
Question Author
"French media reports shots being fired and both hostages being killed, citing police sources and French officials that the captors have been "neutralised".

game over ..nil more pokemon for them
One man whose throat was cut has died. Both knifemen have been 'neutralised'. No news yet whether the hostages are safe.
I drove through Normandy and quite close to there a couple of weeks ago, a calm and peaceful part of the world. Back home now, I live in a place which is also a calm and peaceful and yet the last two German incidents are uncomfortably close by.
We recently thought that violence only happened in the major centres; Brussels, Paris, Nice, but is it happening now in smaller places where there is perhaps less vigilance?
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Yep, a priest is dead which make s the news not so good douglas
Ooh, a barbed comment backed up with hindsight. Thanks for that.
Any links yet to 'you know what'?
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be patient Khandro..
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As there has been a statement that the perps have been neutralised, I assume the bodies have been eyeballed...strange then that no "description" has been released...
You will be pleased to knows - - looks as if you were right baz given what they shouted (reportedly))
Question Author
not so much pleased as not surprised..

just reading a french local sites version of events, seems like a second hostage may have also been knifed, but still alive hopefully..
The news always comes out baz but surely it's right that info isn't released until all the facts are know
Question Author
yep, id agree with a lot of wasted posts and speculating
If ever proof were needed that governments have their own agendas and care little or nothing about the people they govern
How does this prove that. Lynn?

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