Spalding Shooting: Three Shot Dead Near Swimming Pool

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mikey4444 | 10:04 Tue 19th Jul 2016 | News
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No more news at present.


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The world is in a very sad place atm. Is nowhere safe from lunatics?
Who is supplying all these illegal firearms ?
Why do the authorities not have a handle on stopping the trade ?
We don't know that it is an illegal firearm.
As the police fired no shots I can only presume that the gunman killed himself after shooting the other two. All very mysterious.
Seems a bloke has shot his wife and a friend, then himself.
let me guess...a love triangle... blokes wife having affair with friend..
It's used in a crime, I don't believe it was likely to be legit.
If you are goibg to top yourself after what would it matter OG?
It matters because as guns proliferate in society the more likely these incidents are. Insane folk ought not be able to get a licence, so the number who do must be very small.
Two women and a man. I wonder who did the shooting.
It is in a rural area of Lincolnshire where farmers and there farm hands are mostly licensed to own shotguns for vermin control. I have heard of very few farmers who do not legally own a shotgun except Martin whatever who shot two gypsies breaking in his house. He was a recluse farmer. I never met him though.
//Horror as gunman shoots dead two women in swimming pool car park before turning the gun on himself //
oh dear..;0(


//Two women and a man. I wonder who did the shooting. //

Either an outraged and cheated wife/fiancé or an outraged and very surprised husband/fiancé!

Looks like it was a 'Gunman' not a gunwoman!!
Question Author
We seem to have all the hallmarks of a cuckolded husband here.
I see. In which this particular incident may not be related to excess guns, or at least excess illegal guns. (I think the concern is still a valid one though.)
Not to mention the prolific clay shooting and Skeets shooters who own shotguns in rural areas.
Indications are that the man shot his wife and daughter, then himself.

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Spalding Shooting: Three Shot Dead Near Swimming Pool

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