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rapist granted asylum, revoke asylum and deport him, for the sake of the victim and possible other victims in the future, and not given any compo either.
15:02 Tue 05th Jul 2016
If only those in charge of dealing with individuals such as this would do their jobs promptly and efficiently, there would be no need for the public-purse to dish out any money in circumstances like this.
Can't be bad, £5,250 per month for being detained in a place, much superior than the place he came from.
Well it could be a pyrrhic victory for him. Now its splashed over the national press, it is entirely possible the child victim could claim damages against him which he now has the means to pay.
Surely any judge worth their salt would uphold his right to a full purse and an extended middle finger though.
-- answer removed --
^I agree. Get rid - but we won't.
And how much is he supposed to pay his victim and his legal council?
Problem is, you cannot cherry pick the law. All laws have to apply to everyone. He committed a crime and was rightly convicted. But then he was a victim of the authorities breaking the law. Just because he is a criminal does not mean he doesn't have rights. And the Aithorities are not above the law.
I can't tell from the article why he was detained nor why it was unlawful. I assume there were reasons given. So I can not form an opinion on whether the compensation is reasonable or bogus. It is certainly unfortunate to be giving out public money to disreputable, possibly permanently dangerous, individuals.

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