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Afternoon All

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Xeronema | 11:50 Mon 27th Jun 2016 | News
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Hey everybody!

How're we all doing?

Thought I'd pop my head in and see how everyone is doing on this lovely day (no sarcasm, it's actually a warm day).

Dizmo xx


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I love the smell of democracy in the morning !....turning out nice
Its a beautiful day here in South Wales Xeronema !
Question Author
Hey you two! Most excellent mikey. How's the family?
hi Diz xx you ok ? still in lurrrve ?
hey dizmo,hows the doggy place going ????
My closest family is Little Willy, although I hope my human family aren't reading this !

He is getting old and arthritic these days, just like me, but we keep going somehow !
Question Author
Ummmm, if you're about, can you send me a text, or a FaceBook message. I've got loads of gossip.

Slinky Kate, it's still running, aye! Minty, yeah
It was peeing down all day at work up past glencoe at kinlochleven, at least it kept the midges away a bit tho, still a great place to be working, scenery is unbelievable so aye doing great
Done...not long in from work.
Very not here today with cloud on and off. Worked this morning then some decorating in afternoon. Now listeninig to Mr Smow screaming at England losing to Iceland on tv lol

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Afternoon All

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