Audi Emissions.

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tonyav | 11:03 Tue 29th Sep 2015 | News
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2.1 million Audi's sold with VW group emissions test cheat device.
I was waiting for this to come out, wouldn't be surprised if Seat and Skoda aren't next.


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Doesn't surprise me in the least. I'm also expecting other Car makers to be caught out soon.

I think the Swiss have got the best approach to the problem by banning the sale of all VW cars with the same diesel engine. Surely type approval for the engines are now invalid.
They have already said Skoda's are involved as well.
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Have they, VHG. I haven't seen anything about Skoda yet.
I'm really not understanding the hysteria in the UK, particularly on recalls.

The rogue software does not affect the vehicle in its day to day running so apart from the potential for more pollution than stated what is the big deal for owners?


For a start, VW lied to its customers when selling them the cars.

Then, the customers may find themselves with a car that costs them more to tax than they thought it would.

Finally, the customers may find that the resale value of their cars has dropped dramatically, therefore increasing the depreciation or cost of ownership of the cars.

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Audi Emissions.

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