"unimaginable Cruelty’"...unimaginably Lenient Sentence !’

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bazwillrun | 19:41 Fri 17th Jul 2015 | News
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" judge told a sick child abuser who systematically tortured a seven-year-old boy that he was guilty of ‘unimaginable cruelty’ as she jailed him for 11 years."

yup so unimaginable its worth a paltry 11 years...another useless judge that needs to be removed ...

truly horrendous crime and a paltry sentence...out in 6 tops i imagine


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Maybe no one has let USA in on the gentle approach.
Animals and humans are certainly treated differently!
Cases like this always bring out the 'bring back the death penalty'

We don't have the death penalty and it's not coming back regardless of how horrendous a crime is. It's a waste of time debating it.
Quite right, Ummm, the death penalty will not return.
The hang 'em high brigade get quite vociferous when a particularly nasty crime takes place.
The death penalty was a barbaric act and rightly voted into history by Parliament.

Pete65, when animals are pts gently, they are being relieved of pain usually in old age. There is NO comparison to the humans being injected in USA as they are murderers. Give me pets any day !
'feels extremely sorry and if he could turn back the clock he would' ... HUH !!!

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"unimaginable Cruelty’"...unimaginably Lenient Sentence !’

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