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What Parts Of Foreign Aid Should We Cut?

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anotheoldgit | 10:49 Thu 25th Jun 2015 | News
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There was a good response to an earlier thread "Which Benefits Would You Cut"?

Perhaps before we make any cuts at home we should first consider making cuts to our foreign aid?



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I agree, beso.
None, it just shouldn't be wasted on idiotic projects. If you want a better world you have to be prepared to help towards that goal.

Unfortunately some of us want it all and sod the rest.
£343 million? If only. That's just over a week's aid money.
Charity ?

Ugh, that's Socialism, cut it out !
Pledging to review the overseas aid spending does not mean there are any plans to cut it.

The Government would have to repeal the law commiting us to 0.7% GDP, and the Government has shown no intention to do that.

As our economy grows we will be paying MORE not less.
Well according to hc and others, it's not so much charity more a gigantic slush fund.
// The UK has passed a bill that enshrines in law its commitment to spend 0.7% of its gross national income (GNI) on aid every year, making it the first G7 country to meet the UN’s 45-year-old aid spending target.

The international development bill passed its third reading in the House of Lords on Monday and will now receive royal assent. Britain met the 0.7% target for the first time last year (2014) when it spent £11.4bn – or 0.72% of its GNI – on overseas aid. //

The last Government made the target law. They have committed us to paying MORE and MORE.
All of it, it's needed here !
Cut the lot. I am with TTT on charity begins at home, but not the Doleys.

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What Parts Of Foreign Aid Should We Cut?

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