Today's By Election Predictions

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Gromit | 18:25 Thu 09th Oct 2014 | News
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The results of today's two by elections will be known in a few hours.

Anyone disagree with my predictions?

2. Conservative
3. Labour
4. Green
5. Independent (Colchester Hospital)
6. LibDem (Lost desposit)

Heywood & Middleton
1. Labour
3. Conservative
4. Green
5. LibDem (Lost desposit)


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The only one of your predictions that I can agree with with any degree of certainty is, "Last, LibDem - lost deposit", and if that happens I shall be a very happy man, irrespective of who wins.
Agree with Blackadder, Tories in at Clacton, not UKIP.
Agree with DTC. We shall have to wait and see, but if the Tories hold Clacton it will be a stunning victory for Cameron and a mortal blow for UKIP. Most people have no time for turncoats, so that may well affect the result, but at present I just don't know.
Ukip win Clacton
Question Author
UKIP will not just win Clacton, but they will beat the Tories by a good margin.
Patience, patience, dears....
I think that you are right, but who cares who comes second. If UKIP do come second in Heywood we will be inundated with images, moving or still, of Farage boasting. Only one MP from each place can take their place in Westminster.

A word of caution concerning Heywood however. In 2010 the Tories and The LibDems got nearly 23,000 votes between them, and UKIP only got 1215.
So if Farage IS to come second, he has a huge mountain to climb.
Question Author
// So if Farage IS to come second (in Heywood), he has a huge mountain to climb. //

And he climbed it. Just a few hundred votes from taking a very safe Labour seat.
So if Farage IS to come second, he has a huge mountain to climb.
It's a veritable molehill in comparison to the Everest that Miliband has and the Labour candidate was cacking conkers, even their campaign manager admitted so.

Do the words hollow victory mean anything to you mikey?

The Green Party leader gave the best assessment. She said that the electorate have had enough of the same old, same old from the 3 main parties(though how the Lib Dems are still considered such is laughable) and tonight has seen a massive sea change in UK politics.
Furthermore, she projected that next May will be the most remarkable in British history and after tonight I've no reason to doubt her.

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Today's By Election Predictions

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