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Aby Katada Not Guilty...

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sandyRoe | 08:28 Wed 24th Sep 2014 | News
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Can he come home now to the bosum of his family here in the UK?


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Question Author
Abu rather than Aby.^
Question Author
and 'bosom' rather than bosum.
Sandy, I liked Aby Katada (or even Qatada). It makes him sound so much more feminine and appealing. And I can't help visualising the 'bosuquote[n]' of his family piping him aboard when he gets here!
///consuming nicotine replacement tablets like they were sweets. ///

sandy, you don't think that could have anything to do with your recent dizzy spells do you?

posted this earlier, don't know if you saw it
Oh dear, only the 'n' of bosun was supposed to be italicised!

He can't come back anyway on the say so of MI5.
Let him roam free, hopefully Mossad will pick him up sooner or later, fingers crossed.
I'd be delighted if his family had a big reunion,,,,,,in Jordan.
Yeah Sandie, I like Aby Katadie
as we know a rose by any other name ....

and bosom ? I like bah - zooms. They of course come in pairs

No he appears to a Jordanian national so it is lawful to deprive him of his British Nationality.

and I am not sure if the fambly have retd to J.

No doubt the limp wristed liberals will be queuing up to let him in. Mustn't clobber his ooman rights must we?

No doubt some brief on legal aid with $ signs in his eyes is drawing up the papers as we write.

Quizmonster, it's not rocket Science, just put [i] either side of what you want to italicise. hope this helps!
I know exactly what to do, mate, and imagined that was what I had done. Sadly, I messed it up...bit like a typo, y'know?
I should have added above, Baldric, that it was rather like the letter 'h' for 'H' in your word 'hope'.
Ah, "limp wristed" again; I've been missing it! In fact, I did miss it the other day, when I made a list of YMB's borrowed mantras. How about creating just ONE of your own?

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Aby Katada Not Guilty...

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