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Clanad | 15:37 Sat 20th Sep 2014 | News
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Nothing much in the way of a question, but I found this recent article just very touching… Although there were, as mentioned, "War Brides" from other countries (even Japan), the majority were from England,,, errr, the U.K.

I was small child but still remember "Emma" who came home with a neighbor's son as an English War Bride (near London, I think)… loved to hear her talk!

Her husband, Gerald, died several years ago, but she was mentioned in our hometown newspaper as passing just a few months ago… Touching… and such an attestation to that generation that truly saved civilization, as we know it…

Article here: ...


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My Mother always referred to the Yanks during the war as over-sexed, over-paid and over here. What I pity she wasn't a little quicker on her feet.... I might have been christened Buzz, have perfect teeth and live under the steel blue skies of California now !

But then, I would have to drink all that awful Bud Light, and eat bacon with the texture of Bakelite, so perhaps she was right after all.
I was privileged to know (for the last 9 or 10 months of her life) a French lady who had been a war bride. After her husband died about 12 years ago, she returned to France and found herself an alien, with a family who 'did their duty' by going to the chemist's for her medication and doing her shopping once a week (she was in a wheelchair). She lived on the ground floor only of a small house. I should explain that social care in France assumes primarily that the family does the caring (Napoleonic code) and only rarely does the state need to intervene.

I amongst others, was involved in an organisation called 'Open Door' and that's how we got to know her, bring her to social get-togethers and help a bit with company and meals (we found someone with a spare micro-wave so she could cook a bit instead of living out of jars). She spoke American-English better than French. Such a lovely, courageous, funny, positive woman. A real example to us all.
I wonder how many male war grooms there were?

I well remember a very funny Cary Grant/Anne Sheridan film called 'I Was A Male War Bride'.

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The Greatest Generation...

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