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War Crimes ? What Is The Point

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DrFilth | 20:22 Thu 24th Jul 2014 | News
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un vote on gaza war crimes

if they have a good sniff round and find israel guilty nothing will happen as they have never taken any notice of any un resolutions against them in the past

> Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls vote to open inquiry a "travesty" <

> Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni called the Human Rights Council "anti-Israel," according to the BBC <

> The U.S. voted against the resolution <

so why should things change now ?


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as i suspect you already appreciate, the Israeli Government does not want a 'Two State' solution. They never have.

They want a 'One State' solution: Greater Israel - bigger and stronger, with millions of highly motivated jews all round the world ready to take up any additional space that is gained.

For that they need the existing Palestinian residents to either:

Disappear or be
Cowed into total submission and subjugation

Along the way, the Israelis are quite content to go in every couple of years, kill a couple of thousand, wreck their infrastructure and test/demonstrate Israeli military strength.

It's part of a long term plan that seems to be going their way

and the rest of the world seems unable or unwilling to change it
The Israeli camp

You mean those that can see reason and would prefer the slaying of innocent people to stop rather than score political points?

It rather appears the Hamas camp just dont get that there are two sides to a story and whether it is right or wrong sometimes you just have to swallow it for the greater good - Allowing people to live.

I think there's a phrase for that sort of plan someone else once had isn't there Zeul and the Israelis of all people ought to know better than to behave in such a way:(
Israel is rapidly losing what few friends it ever had on the world stage. There is a resurge of the notion that Israel believes itself to be above international law and that any atrocities it commits are merely payback for the holocaust.

Not my personal opinion per se, but there's an interesting discussion about it here:

That article is five years old now, but not much seems to have changed since it was written.
UNO and dram are two names of the same enitity.
Excellent analysis by Zeuhl, bang on in fact, one may be compelled to ask, why does Hamas assist the Isreali plan so readily? I touched on this with my last answer to the OP, but I think the palastinian sides need get themselves some far more intellegent operators than Hamas. It's a bit like a football team clinging on to their manager when they get hammerd every week.
Good question T3

Maybe 'Leaderships' just carry on doing what they know

Maybe it's brinkmanship; if enough of our people are abused and killed by the Israelis someone will step in

Personally, I think Israel is controlling the Game; as i suggested, they're not doing too badly out of it considering

All they need to do is make it as difficult as possible for any Palestinian leadership to find any reasonable basis for negotiation and let Hamas do what Hamas do.

If talks ever start - O dear! Talks break down; never mind. On we go.
well that's a Yes minister moment.
Hacker: "Do you think they'll turn up for the talks?"
Sir Humphrey: "Of that minster, I am certain"
Hacker: "Really? Why so sure?"
Sir Humphrey: "because minister if they don't turn up they can't walk out!"

Funny - but depressing isn't it T3?

Peter Hitchens was saying at the weekend it would be good to get rid of all the States in the region on the basis that pre war everyone lived happily side by side.

A nice idea but impossible now.

My dad

(who had nothing against Jewish people but was slightly influenced by some of them firing machine guns and lobbing bombs at him when his demob from Burma/Japan was rudely interrupted by a spell in Palestine)

always said that now the Israelis had a foothold they wouldn't be happy until they'd driven everyone out and taken over the whole region, and they wouldn't care who they trampled on to do it.

I think he was right.
Question Author
> Dr Filth, how does washing your head at us advance the debate? <

i had to go and stick my head in some cold water to cool down as it was roasting here and still is, i can't breath with the heat and feel crap hope you don't mind me staying near the cold water tap and the backdoor
//Why do all you lot keep banging on about Israel when the power to stop this lies with Hamas. You also fail to tell us what should Israel do? Just absorb the missiles? //

Khandro saved me some typing by explaining Iron Dome to you (how its existence escaped your attention is interesting in itself but, for now, I'll take it as read that you've not even peeked at BBC for a decade or more )

However, as I posted elsewhere, this is draining Israeli defence funds on a daily basis and, by dint of heavy donations, it drains US sponsors too. That justifies the continued use of cheap metal tubes welded together in some backstreet and stuffed with homemade gunpowder or fertilizer.

Completing the circular argument, it's the fertilizer - part of the 'food aid' packages, sent by the Gazan's distant bretheren, which Israel is most keen to blockade. Hamas want the blockade dropped -before talks- so that they can re-stock.

25 miles by 7 miles and shedloads of apartment blocks. How much actual acreage of farms do they have anyway? (rhetorical, we all have Google Earth, don't we?)
what a load of pony! are you seriously suggesting hamas is sacrificing it's people in the hope that Israel is going to go skint! Please! They have a bottomless pit! Never heard so much deluded BS.
I thought you were saying that Hamas clearly doesn't care about its own people and should stop firing, TTT?

And, for the benefit of the cutback-stricken US taxpayer:
Unit cost $50 million per battery[3] (9 of 15 proposed now in service)

$20,000 per interception (2014)[4]

In terms of hundreds of lives saved, it's well worth every cent.

"I thought you were saying that Hamas clearly doesn't care about its own people and should stop firing, TTT? " - yes that's exactly what I'm saying.

Incidentally, I never meant to imply that it was ever going to be an effective tactic to make Israel go skint, merely that it is diverting funds away from other alternatives.

How many tanks could they get for $450mil? Give or take that these would be limited in application - implicitly for a ground offensive against UN directives or to defend themselves from neighbour countries.

Yes, it is brutally blo0dy-minded to trade their own people for economic damage to the enemy but making new people has never been a problem, through history.

Rumours are circulating that they are being ordered - even paid - to stay in their homes when the Israelis warn of a strike. What does that tell you about the stupidity level they are operating at?

Deluded, yes but actually happening. My attempt to explain it may well be BS but I thought it was worth a try.

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War Crimes ? What Is The Point

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