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Lindylou | 21:15 Thu 03rd Jul 2014 | News
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26 odd years later and after various inquiries. Police not to blame... nothing malicious, etc etc. What goes on here then? Police investigating Police. Who watches the watchers?


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The Police investigating the police is so inherently wrong that it's amazing that it's considered normal and some better form of investigation needs implementing for sure. Will that ever happen? I seriously doubt it.
who else would have the skill-sets, knowledge etc. to do the investigations? should we set up a 'special' erm, police force and keep them on stand-by awaiting suitable 'situations' to investigate.
Absolute farce.

The inquiry has upheld 67 complaints against the police - but we are not told what those complaints were, so the conclusion is meaningless.

The original police investigation sent 4 men to prison but advances to DNA eventually found the real killer. When the original investigation was re-looked at, it was clear the men had been fitted up. But the police have a canny way of evading justice, and this latest sham of an investigation just confirms that.
Yes I think you should have a designated ' anti -corruption' group set up to investigate anything which affects society at large including problems with the police, corrupt officials, problems within hospitals etc. The 'skill sets' would be variable an thus the formation would have to work on a loose framework of administrators with knowledgeable professionals who could be called upon in relevant fields with randomly selected ( think jury service) lay people a observers, but yes this is the only way anything will ever be properly investigated because I wouldn't trust the police to investigate their mates as far as I could throw them.
Yet again the Police get away with it. Well, well, well...what a surprise !

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