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How Inept Were/are The Portuguese Police?

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DTCwordfan | 14:17 Wed 19th Mar 2014 | News
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Just reported on the News that the UK police want to interview someone who broke into 12 Brit holiday homes on the Algarve, sat on the beds of six girls aged seven to ten and sexually interfered with four of them.....

How have the Portuguese police missed this or is it plain incompetence or even bias against the 'wealthy' foreigners...? I would not criticise the UK police as they had no jurisdiction on Portuguese soil until Cameron intervened with their Prime Minister and got the boys in blue on the case.


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Apparently he wasn't a suspect because he'd never attempted to abduct the children. Beggars belief...
The whole investigation was farcical so I'm really not shocked at this update.
I think it is without doubt that the Portuguese Police are inept.

But many Brits still pile in there on their hols and they still get paid so what do they care?
Question Author
Hope that they release an identikit shortly! They had a distinctive burgundy t-shirt with a white O, like that of the mobile-comms company, on the back of it. Thought to be British but speaking with a slurred accent.
Very, it would seem. I have a feeling that this story is going to out-live "The Mousetrap"
is this to do with MM or something seperate? Your post does not make it clear
Question Author
Sorry about that, blackcat - yes!
gotcha, i thought it was something happening now that the police were refusing to investigate?

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How Inept Were/are The Portuguese Police?

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