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Ridiculous.PC gone mad,If it happens to me i will walk out and leave all my shopping at the till.
Aren't they making a rod for their own backs by making themselves less employable?

Would employee's at other supermarkets/retailers be within their rights to refuse to serve halal items on the grounds that it's deemed inhumane by many?
No, they are employed to serve the customer not pick and choose, what with M&S and certain universities I am almost speechless that "apartheid" is insidiously coming back.
I find this unbeleivable, Philip Green runs M&S and I doubt he'd approve such stupidity. Is this perhaps a DM exageration?
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If muslims cannot handle a bottle that contains alchohol or a packet that contains pork how can they ener a shop that contain those objects, or live in a town or even country that contains them? Silly beyond words.
Aren't there some tills in M&S with a sign stating 'alcohol can be purchased here'? The workers who didn't want to serve drinkers could be stationed on the other tills.
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When you see the harm alcohol can do, who can blame the pious for being reluctant to sell it.

Is a Muslim refusing to serve a customer with alcohol any different to a Christian couple refusing to admit two gays to their hotel?
I hope this thread does not turn into an anti Muslim tirade. This is not *just* about Muslims but about all other religious/ ethnic groups who may have reasons for not handling different it Hindus and beef,or devout Catholics selling meat on a Friday. Because...if this policy applies to one group,then it should apply to all.
I dare M&S to put up a sign saying 'Muslim/Sikh till, no alcohol or pork at this checkout' in order to prevent delay to customers queuing.
@aog...yes its different as a hotel is deemed to be open to all. As is a supermarket. M&S is still selling all items to all people...its just 'allowing' for personal morals/ethics. Its still a bit OTT though…

/// When you see the harm alcohol can do, who can blame the pious for being reluctant to sell it. ///

Then perhaps the 'Pious' should not take up employment in a establishment that sells a legal product?
you cannot have employees picking and choosing what they sell. I find the Daily mirror offensive but how long would I last in a newsagents?
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Worst case scenario -
Buddhist serving at checkout 1 refuses to serve anyone meat/eggs/dairy
There is nobody on checkout 2 because it is Sunday and the Christian employee refused to work
Hindu serving on checkout 3 refuses to serve beef
The Jew on checkout 4 won't serve pork but will serve alcohol
The Muslim on checkout 5 won't serve any meat at all if it is not Halal and won't serve any foodstuffs containing alcohol - including mince pies and sherry trifle
The Muslim on checkout 6 will serve all meat except pork and will not serve alcohol
The Methodist on checkout 7 is very happy to serve any meat but will not serve alcohol
The atheist on checkout 8 will not serve alcohol because she is a recovering alcoholic

Checkout 9 does serve everything but you have to walk through hellfire to get to it.

/// its just 'allowing' for personal morals/ethics. ///

If supermarkets can allow for personal morals/ethics, then why not hotels?
I just cannot percieve at the lack of intellegence required to think this can work. The management of M&S must be extraordinarily thick.
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