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in a mo | 17:28 Wed 30th Oct 2013 | News
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I watched with interest the last few days the Gas and Electricity companies defending their Prices increases ,I watched the Government Committee and listened to Jeremy Vine with Vanessa Feltz, one guy stood out and that was Stephen Fitzpatrick who.s company OVO Energy did not put their prices the I search for the web site the following letter is self explanatory.

Hi I have just completed the procedure to obtain an account, after completing the form and pressing submit a message came onto the screen "We cannot supply you at this time " I then changed the Electricity section to Direct Debit and surprise I was accepted it is disgusting that we should be excluded because we pay for our electricity in ADVANCE via a KEY meter ,no debt being built up ,no standing orders being cancelled ,when Stephen Fitzpatrick speaks to the Government Committee or appears on Radio 2 Jeremy Vine Show again I trust he will not forget to mention to the many thousands of people who are being denied a fairer price because companies like his, will not include those of us who choose to pay for our Gas or Electricity by a Meter.I am so disappointed I thought that a fairly new British Company would make a stand against this situation.

The Nitty Gritty\ Looking at the BIG Picture
With this in mind the price from OVO Energy is approx 10% cheaper, Meter customers pay approx 10% more which the Government are attempting to have stopped, added to that the talk at the moment is regarding abolishing the The Green Tax which the Energy Companies take from us via our bills ,this also accounts for approx 5% added together this would make a saving of 25%,this would be a good start ,No doubt David Cameron will announce that he will cut the Green Tax if his Conservative Party regain power at the next election.Please be aware the figures are all approximate.

Thank you I would look forward to your comments.

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It is all around the planet that energy companies are forcing customers to directly pay for those enormous not all that efficient windmills for energy. In the USA, there are several fields where it is apparent that no upkeep is being done for any of them. A complete rip off financial molestation, and that facts are supposed to speak for themselves on it, and don't.

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