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Yet More Inhuman Goings On In Syria

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mikey4444 | 08:40 Wed 21st Aug 2013 | News
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Chemical weapons ! Brings to mind the atrocities committed by Saddam Hussein to me. Why is the world standing around while Bashar al-Assad commits these horrors ?


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What do you suggest the world does?
Just heard on one of the news channels that this is not true - a complete hoax - will wait and see what else materialises today.
Question Author
Its a difficult issue naomi and I am not pretending that its not. But it would seem to me that the free world can't continue to stand around, letting this murderer commit atrocity after atrocity, with complete impunity.

Why is the Arab world not putting pressure on him, for instance ?

What about a no-fly zone ?

Wouldn't a couple of large naval vessels stationed off the coast with their guns firmly fixed on the royal palace help concentrate Assad's mind ?

Why is the Syrian airline allowed to continue as if nothing happened, transporting his wife to spend her blood money in Harrods ?

Why can't the free world summon all the Syrian ambassadors and ask them to explain themselves ?

All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.
Get yourself over there Mikey.
Cynical mode on. [i
Syria comes in at no.32 in the oil production charts, producing less than 0.5% of the worlds oil.
I don't see the west getting interested any time soon.
[i] Cynical mode off. ]
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Mikey - The fact he has the support of the Russians

They have a large Naval base off of Syria that they're not about to give up

And you shouldn't think the opposition are Knights of purity either.

The best thing for the rest of the world to do is to support the refugees and be ready to act as peace keepers if and only if that need arises.

If we've learnt 1 thing in the past 20 years it has to be that if you wade in yelling 'Oi Break it up you two' then any peace will last only as long as you're there.

Would you be prepared to don a uniform and get out their all barrels blazing, if it happened to turn into a much worse conflict by us getting involved?
I have to agree with Jake on all points.

I agree with Jake, but what the world can do question is good. These wars or troubles are a global problem. It started as a tussle between Iran and USA. Now most of the problems are being funded by Iran or Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia are paying on behalf of USA as since gulf war SA and USA are same and that was the main objective of the gulf war. Do you know that in recent years Saudi Arabia is one of the largest importers of the weapons in the world? A country that has no army of its own. By now you must have guessed the countries selling all these weapons to Saudi Arabia. But it will take you a while to understand where all of those weapons are being used.

What the world can do? World must understand (and accept) that few countries efforts of occupying other countries and their resources would only cause trouble and nothing more. But unfortunately few people are still unable to see the reality and are in dream world that it would stay local and they would not be affected.
if we did something you'd be the first to start howling.
Jake is right. You shouldn't think the opposition are knights of purity either. There are no 'good guys' in this situation. These people can't live in peace with each other, so what hope does the world have of them living in peace with the rest of us?
Question Author
AOG. At the age of 60, it is unlikely that I would be allowed to "don a uniform"

So what you are all saying is that we should just stand by and let Assad continue to commit atrocities ? Would any of the things I suggested at 0910 this morning not be worth trying, at least ? We took action against Milosovic and Saddam Hussein. Not sure why we are so scared of Assad. Jeremy Bowen of the BBC said on the lunchtime news today that Syria has one of the biggest stocks of chemical weapons in the world. He has proven many times in the past that he is prepared to do anything to hold onto power, just as his father did before him. We stand by and let him get away with these horrible things at our peril.
Mikey, do you think anyone will listen - and if not are you suggesting that ultimately we should go to war?
Why are some weapons considered unacceptable? Kill people with bombs and thats OK. Use gas and you're a pariah.
how do you know for sure it's his forces, and quite what do you think the west should do, get involved and then be embroiled in another mess not of our making.

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Yet More Inhuman Goings On In Syria

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